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Weird Movie of the Week
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weird Movie of the Week: Holiday Horror Edition
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we covered a remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1973 film The Holy Mountain that is composed entirely of salvaged clips from old dog movies and VHS tapes. This time we've got some Holiday Horror:
A Christmas Horror Story has a lot going for it. It's from several of the creative minds behind the Ginger Snaps trilogy (Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban and Brett Sullivan) and takes place in Ginger and Brigitte's fictional town of Bailey Downs; it stars William Shatner as a drunk, hyper-conservative radio DJ full of holiday cheer; it features Krampus and zombie elves. Like any horror anthology, there are great moments and there are weak moments, but its framework is cleverly constructed, tying all of the vignettes together in an interesting way that isn't revealed until the final act.
So the fact that it is a Holiday Horror movie is not, in itself, very weird. There's lots of them, and we've covered this territory before. Repeatedly. Nor is it that it comes from the folks who made Ginger Snaps (an original take on the werewolf story, to be sure, but not quite weird). No, what sold me on this was the Shatner line: "it stars William Shatner as a drunk, hyper-conservative radio DJ full of holiday cheer". Inspired. I'm all in.

The review isn't exactly glowing, but few of these movies are actually very good. As it mentions, it's clearly inspired by Trick 'r Treat, one of the best horror anthologies ever made (surely the most consistently good and interconnected), which is funny, because this movie supposedly features the Krampus, an obscure Santa precursor that represents Santa's... darker side (many precursors are actually two separate people, one to give gifts to all the good boys and girls, the other to punish the not-so-good). It turns out that Trick 'r Treat's writer/director Michael Dougherty is releasing his own take on Krampus during this holiday season. It's an embarrassment of riches for Holiday Horror fans this year. Looking forward to it.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we covered a movie that revolved around a secret formula for growing hair using peanut butter. This time, we've got two weird movies for the price of one! Doggiewoggiez! Poochiewoochiez! is a remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1973 film The Holy Mountain (itself one of the weirdest movies of all time, along with the rest of Jodorowsky's oeuvre) that is composed entirely of salvaged clips from old dog movies and VHS tapes. Naturally, the film was made by the Everything is Terrible crew, a group of people that wallow in the detritus of old VHS wastelands and the like (usually to hilarious effect). It makes the Kaedrin watchlist sheerly for the audacity of attempting a remake of a Jodorowsky film and coming up with a premise that actually makes it seem like they might pull it off. Having watched The Holy Mountain, I can tell you that it's a miracle that someone could even come close to thinking of something that might rival that film's weirdness. Can they actually fulfill that potential? Only one way to find out!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we covered Dr. Seuss's self-described debaculous fiasco. This time, we've got The Peanut Butter Solution:
So this kid has a "fright" and loses all of his hair, but some friendly hobo ghosts give him a recipe to regrow it. The secret ingredient: Peanut Butter! But if you use too much, things get hairy... Ostensibly a heart-warming children's movie, it seems to have inadvertently scarred an entire generation of kids. I get the impression that adults would just find it silly, but it apparently taps into a lot of fears for kids. Alas it was never made available on DVD (with the speculation being that the soundtrack includes two Celine Dion songs, her first English-language release, and that the rights to clear those songs would never be recouped by sales for such an obscure movie). Oh well, I guess we can always hope for a streaming solution someday...
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we covered a touching tale of dolphin assassins. Today, we tackle The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.
Young Bart Collins, lulled to sleep by the monotony of his piano lessons, dreams of a castle ruled by his piano teacher, the eccentric Dr. Teriwilliker. Dr. T is determined to prove that his "Happy Fingers Method" of teaching piano is the best method in the world. Having banished all other musical instruments to the dungeon, Dr. T lures 500 reluctant little boys to perform in a colossal concert on the grandest grand piano ever built. In his effort to escape, Bart comes in contact with some of the strangest characters imaginable - Siamese twins on roller skates, a human drum and the most memorable villian since the "Grinch". Filled with surreal landscapes and tongue-twisting rhymes, for which Dr. Seuss is famous, this is a movie children and their parents will love to watch again and again.
Or, you know, not. Audiences at the time apparently didn't, as this was a colossal bomb. Still, it boasts a screenplay by Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss), even if he pretty much disowned the film and made quippy remarks like "As to who was most responsible for this debaculous fiasco, I will have nothing more to say until all the participants have passed away, including myself."

Also of note to eagle-eyed Simpsons fans is the fact that the name Teriwilliker was lifted from this film to be used as Sideshow Bob's last name. And we all know that Bart is Sideshow Bob's nemesis, just as this movie's Bart is Dr. T's nemesis. It's amazing to me that I'm still, after 25 years, unpacking references made by The Simpsons.
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weird Book of the Week
Last time on Weird Book of the Week, we tackled a touching tale of Dinosaur Nazis. This time, well, it's not so much the contents of the book so much as the cover:
Recursive Centaurs!
It's a centaur... but sorta recursive? Um... I don't... what? If I were a bigger Bradbury fan, I'd snap this up in a heartbeat. It is a real book, but I don't know if Amazon has this particular edition (the 1971 Corgi books edition).
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we took examined a touching tale of a gay yeti and his frat boy lover. This time around, we've got dolphins. Lots of dolphins.
Day of the Dolphin
It doesn't get much better than "Unwittingly, he trained a dolphin to kill the President of the United States." Oddly, it seems to have a decent pedigree, with actor George C. Scott and director Mike Nichols. So sign me up for this killer dolphin movie. What say you?

Update: Dammit, I post this, and then two days later, Mike Nichols passes away. He's totally an underrated director, despite having made multiple classics. RIP...
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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we took a look at a werewolf who was also a cop. This time, we've got a touching tale of a gay yeti and his frat boy lover:
...sexually repressed Frat Boy Adam finds himself kidnapped by a twisted cult and offered as human sacrifice to a homicidal and wildly homosexual Mountain Yeti. But when the misunderstood Yeti spares his life, young Adam soon gives in to his deepest desires and finds love with his new furry friend. As the kinky fun heats up, the outraged cultists set out to put a stop to the shocking man-beast love once and for all!
Yes, it's called Yeti: A Love Story (aka Yeti: A Gay Love Story), and it is, of course, a Troma production (so ultra-low budget and intentionally terrible). Apparently it's part of Troma's Cinema VeriGay collection. It is also available for free, in its entirety, on YouTube, so don't worry about trying to find it. Because I know you were getting worried about its availability (oddly, it seems that many Weird Movies of the Week are hard to find).
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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Weird Book of the Week
And the hits just keep on coming. I don't specifically go out and hunt for weird stuff, somehow it just finds me. Last time on Weird Book of the Week, we pondered the age old question: How Green Were The Nazis? (It turns out that they were not as environmentally friendly as they claimed.) This time around, we'll stick with the Nazi theme (indeed, Nazis seem to be a common theme amongst Weird Books/Movies of the week).

Many times, the hook for the weird thing of the week is purely visual. A book cover or poster or whatnot, but this time, it's all about the title: Call Me Mumbles: Subcommandante Mumbles vs. The Dinosaur Nazis. I mean, you know right away if you want to read this story (which, actually, is only about 40 pages long, making it a short story or novelette or something like that). But if you were on the fence, this brief description might also help:
He expected boredom, or maybe a Taliban attack. He didn't imagine Dinosaur Nazis. But then, who ever does?
Who indeed? But I get it, that's a terse description, perhaps you'd like some sample awesome? Here are the first lines in the story:
Call me Mumbles. Why, you ask? Because I fucking told you to.

I was humping up this hill in shitbagistan; heavy load and thin air. I could hear the cherry private wheezing behind me. Wanted to tell him to stop fucking breathing, but it just wasn't worth the effort.
If you're not on board by now, I don't think this is for you. Me? They had me at "Dinosaur Nazis" (or probably even just "Subcommandante"),
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we took a look at a horrific/touching tale of redneck polka ditties. This time, we've got a werewolf who is also a cop, for reals:
That tagline ("Dirty Harry... Only Hairier") is glorious. And the plot description, courtesy of Shock Til You Drop (more fantastic imagery at that article as well, including one where wolfcop is give a come hither look whilst holding a revolver and standing on a pentagram), sounds just about how you'd expect:
It's not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou Garou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a strange turn. Crime scenes seem oddly familiar. Lou's senses are heightened, and when the full moon is out, he's a rage-fueled werewolf. Wolfcop is one cop's quest to become a better man... One transformation at a time.
As I mentioned last time, my record for actually going out and watching these Weird Movies of the Week is somewhat appalling, but this is one that I will almost certainly see (depending on release and distribution details, which are somewhat spotty right now).
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weird Movie of the Week
The last Weird Movie of the Week was actually a book (a surprisingly common feature in this series), but today we have a bona fide weird movie, courtesy of Brian Collins (aka the guy who did Horror Movie a Day for, like, 5 years), who recounts weird movies he's watched on his birthday, including this gem:
2007: CALVAIRE (aka THE ORDEAL) (2004)
The one that started it all! Obviously I wasn't "burnt out" yet, as this was only a few weeks into HMAD's lifespan. It just so happened that I had the place to myself for a few hours and knew it was the kind of movie my wife would get upset by (i.e. it featured rape and/or torture), so I wanted to get it out of the way when I had the chance. And what a delight it was! Sure, the rapey stuff (male on male, for the record) is hardly fun, but any movie that features an entire bar's worth of rednecks suddenly dancing around to a little polka ditty is definitely worth your time. A film that works best without any inkling as to what it's about, though I will say it starts off like (too many) horror films - a car breaking down in a remote area. In the immortal words of Buzzfeed, what happened next will blow your mind.
So yes, it's got some rapey stuff (that's bad), but also redneck polka ditties (that's fun!), so I guess I'm in. I have to admit that my record in terms of actually watching Weird Movies of the Week is actually rather appalling (though I have seen several), but given Collins' note that the less you know about this movie going in, the better, I think this one might be a nice surprise.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weird Book of the Week
Unlike the previous Weird Book of the Week (Pastime of the Gods: Is Mankind a Board Game?) this is an actual, real book and a burning question that I'm sure is on all our minds:
How Green Were the Nazis?
It's the photo that really makes it. The subject matter seems relatively dry: Nazis courted German environmentalists for support (along with a whole slew of other German factions), and said environmentalists (and presumably lots of other Germans) started to realize that maybe the Nazis were lying once they started invading other countries and committing genocide. Or something. I didn't read the book. But it is certainly a weird approach. If this doesn't quite reach your weirdness quotient, check out a few others... Now if you'll excuse me, I need to interview for a Top Perogi Makers Job.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kickstarter For a Future Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we featured a touching tale of butt demons. This time, we've got a movie that isn't even made yet. Carver is a throwback, 80's style slasher film, beginning with a tragic Halloween accident in the past, culminating in a masked killer dispatching those responsible with a scythe. Yeah, pretty standard slasher formula stuff here, so what's the big deal? I'll let the film's co-director explain:
Yep, the movie is being made by 13-year-old Emily DiPrimio and her dad. From the looks of it, she's got a great sense of humor and her bona fides in the horror department are already pretty well established. Plus, she hates CGI gore. That's got to count for something!
My dad came up with the idea for Carver several years ago, but it never progressed further than an outline. That is, until I found out I needed ankle surgery this past January, which caused me to be off my feet for 12 weeks. I was really down and my dad noticed and asked if I would help him write this script he had been thinking about for a while. Before I knew it, we were writing Carver together which made the 12 weeks fly by. After we finished the first draft, I remember the pride I felt at having helped write a pretty darn good screenplay. I asked my dad if we could make it and of course he said we could try, but it takes a lot of time and money to make a feature film correctly. That is why I am here on Kickstarter- to humbly ask you to help me make my dream of making a slasher film with my dad come true.
The Kickstarter perks range from the normal (copy of the movie, etc...) to the outright awesome - if you donate $10 thousand, you get to write your own death scene in the movie, and judging from their video, the more bonkers the death, the better. As Evan Saathoff notes, "It's not a dinner and basketball game with Spike Lee, but it's better than a dinner and basketball game with Zack Braff, probably."
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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Weird Movie of the Week
It's been a while since the Weird Movie of the Week was actually, you know, a movie. We've had books, fake books, and television shows, but now we return to movies with a tale of, um, butt demons? Meet Bad Milo:
A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.
If that didn't sell you on the movie, check out this poster:
Bad Milo Poster
Pitch perfect 80s-style poster. As Evan Saathoff notes:
I don't know. Good movie posters don't necessarily ensure the advertised film will reach the same levels of quality you see in the one-sheet. Show me a movie poster featuring a butt demon wearing sunglasses and riding a skateboard, however, and it's hard not to get excited. Obviously, Bad Milo's not going to be Citizen Kane. But maybe it'll make a good pair with its lesser known sequel, Citizen Kane 2: Winter Break Snow Shredderz?
It's got a pretty great cast of lesser-known comedic talents as well: Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, Stephen Root, Kumail Nanjiani, and a bunch of others. It's available on iTunes now (and maybe VOD, not sure, haven't checked yet) and will be getting a limited theatrical release in October.
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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Fake Book of the Week
I saw this and immediately filed it under Weird Book/Movie of the Week, then realized that I'm a gullible shmuck and it's a fake book that I just want to be real so that I can red the damn thing. Sheer brilliance:
Is Mankind a Board Game
I mean, come on, "Illustrated with Illustrations"? A ringing endorsement from "The Daily Mail"? A completely bonkers idea that someone talented could probably bullshit their way into a quasi-believable book? Who wouldn't want to read that? In all seriousness, there is a nugget of truth here, which just takes it all to the next level.

This gloriousness comes to us via the Scarfolk Council, a site that is pretty brilliant on its own. Spend your 4th of July looping around in the 70s, I say.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weird Book of the Week
At this rate, the Weird Movie of the Week category of this blog will soon contain more non-movies than actual movies. Nevertheless, this one was too good to pass up, and it's brilliance only really requires a picture of the cover of the book:
The Right to Arm Bears
The Right to Arm Bears. That's just glorious, is it not? It turns out that it's really just another in a long line of mildly misleading covers and ridiculous artwork from Baen Books (a publisher I actually really like, but damn their covers are just awful). The book is actually an omnibus of three older, out of print books ( "Spacial Delivery", "Spacepaw", and "The Law-Twister Shorty"), none of which approaches the titular splendor of "The Right to Arm Bears" (though "Spacepaw" ain't half bad). It's true, these books are about humans interacting with an alien species of giant, intelligent bears, but I'm guessing they don't dress up in special forces gear, chew a cigar, wear berets, or tote human weaponry around. The synopsis isn't quite as bonkers as the cover:
Planet Dilbia is in a crucial location for both humans and their adversaries, the Hemnoids. Therefore making friends with the Dilbians and establishing a human presence there is of the utmost importance, which may be a problem, since the bearlike Dilbians stand some nine feet tall, and have a high regard for physical prowess. They're not impressed by human technology, either. A real man, er, bear doesn't need machines to do his work for him.

But Dilbians are impressed by sharp thinking, and some have expressed a grudging admiration for the logical (and usually sneaky) mental maneuvers that the human "shorties" have used to get themselves out of desperate jams. Just maybe that old human craftiness will win over the Dilbians to the human side. If not, we lose a nexus, and the Dilbians will learn just how unbearable Hemnoids can be....
Reviews seem middling to poor, actually, though I have to give credit to the guy who titled his review "A bearable read". Well played, sir. (Hat tip to Justin, who has some more great/horrible covers.)
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weird Movie of the Week: Gumiho
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we looked at a touching tale of trash men, accordions, and tiny third arms. This time, we've got tails. Lots of tails. It's called My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho:
After meeting a mysterious yet very beautiful girl, a wannabe action star discovers that she's, in fact, a gumiho -- a legendary fox with nine tails -- who longs to transform herself into a true human.
Alright, so technically it's a TV show, but I think it sounds weird enough to qualify. The whole thing is available on Netflix Instant, so I guess I can add another show to my list...

Update: Kaedrin friend Dave points out that an even more amazing Korean series is available on Netflix Instant. It is called (I swear I'm not making this up), Vampire Prosecutor:
Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon transforms into a vampire, but he survives by drinking blood sold on the black market rather than by preying on the living. His special powers also give him an edge in solving murder cases.
So he's a veggie vampire that uses his powers... in the court of law! Awesome. Added to queue.
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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Weird Movie of the Week
The last Weird Movie of the Week was Wrong. So very Wrong. This week, we've got a touching tale of trash men, accordions, and tiny third arms:
Aspiring stand-up comic Marty Malt can get a laugh only out of his fellow trash man, Gus, who accompanies Marty's deadly routines on the accordion. But things change for the duo when Marty suddenly grows a third arm out of the center of his back.
Brilliant. It's called The Dark Backwards and check out this cast: Judd Nelson, Bill Paxton, Wayne Newton, Lara Flynn Boyle, James Caan, and Rob Lowe. Not too shabby. Alas, it's no longer on Netflix Instant, though it is available on that ancient DVD format.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weird Movie of the Week: Wrong
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week... well, it was a book, but it was weirdly awesome nonetheless. This week, we've got a movie I'm super excited about, director Quentin Dupieux's follow up to his wonderfully bizarre movie Rubber (a top 10 Kaedrin fave). It's called Wrong, and it's about a man trying to find his lost dog. I guess that sounds a little boring, but check out this bonkers trailer:
It's a superb trailer, so very energetic, and that song is perfect. Sometimes the Weird Movie of the Week is a movie that, while weird enough to be interesting, doesn't really look so good and I don't really want to watch it that much. But I cannot wait to see this movie. I suppose I'm going to have to. Poop.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weird Book of the Week
After reading the following post, I'm expanding the Weird Movie of the Week franchise to apply to books:
In her book on writing, The Art of Fiction, Ayn Rand said no fiction writer should ever use real people or contemporary events. She said her original draft of The Fountainhead included Hitler, but she later cut him out because she wasn't sure anyone would know who he was in 10 years. While she was obviously wrong, the principle stands, and today we're seeing why.

... a book recently sent to BW for review called The President's Vampire by Idaho author Christopher Farnsworth, opened with Bin Laden's assassination—by a vampire who stuffed a grenade in his mouth and then threw him over a cliff so he exploded in midair. Also, Bin Laden was actually a giant lizard, genetically modified by a vast international conspiracy of reptilian humanoids.

I gotta say, that sort of grabs you right out of the gate.

But now ... well, it just doesn't seem as plausible.
Issues with plausibility aside, I think I'm going to read these books. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd take a chance on because of Kindle, though now that I look at it, the Kindle version is more expensive than the hardcover, which is absurd. Anywho, this series of novels is apparently based on a true story:
....he discovered an odd factoid in American history: a sailor who was convicted of killing and drinking the blood of his crewmates, then inexplicably pardoned by President Andrew Johnson. So Farnsworth provided a reason: The vampire sailor had taken an oath to serve the nation. The ideas for a series of novels were quick to follow.

"I just thought it would be really cool if Jack Bauer were like a vampire," said Farnsworth.
Well, yeah. Of the Bin Laden incident described above, Farnsworth had this to say: "That was my Captain America punching Hitler in the mouth moment." I rather think he one upped the stakes there, and that's saying something.

Incidentally, this marks the second occasion I've linked to the freakin' Boise Weekly, an Idaho "alternative newspaper". I blame one of their staff writers, Josh Gross, who seems to have a knack for this stuff.

I'm still going to file this under Weird Movie of the Week, because really, this needs to be made into a movie.

Update: The audio version of the first book in the series is narrated by Bronson Pinchot. Bronson. Pinchot.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week we discovered some presidential badassery. This time, we've got a ripping tale of aliens, nazis, and lasers:
Zone Troopers poster
Courtesy of Zach Carlson from Badass Digest, here's a summary:
Watching Zone Troopers, you get the feeling that it's accidentally ten times better than it's meant to be. The plot and dialogue seem like they were written on a comic shop toilet stall: Four likeable WWII soldiers named things like "Sarge" and "Mittens" stumble across enemy lines and the Reich's most carefully guarded discovery: a massive interplanetary spacecraft. One of its pilots has escaped unharmed, and joins our boys in a full-metal lazer-battle against Hitler's lil' shits. We even get to see Eva Braun's boyfriend get smacked straight in the kisser!
Ah, the 1980s. Apparently this movie is actually real and is available through the magic of Manufactured-on-Demand DVD from MGM. Or something.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week we examined a touching tale of bovine mutation. This time, we've got presidential badassery:
It's apparently real. I really thought I was watching a parody thing here. Even when I started recognizing the actors, I thought it was, like, one of them Funny or Die videos where they trick famous people into doing a short skit or something. But it's a full feature. A feature where a beloved U.S. president rides around on a machine-gun-equipped wheelchair fighting Nazi werewolves (literal werewolves, not those other werwolves). Oh and for those looking forward to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it appears that Kevin Sorbo has been tapped to play Lincoln in this film (and according to the writer, "in this movie Lincoln is the king of all badass presidents, but he's a stoner. Other Presidents in office can make him come alive out of his White House painting and ask him for advice if they smoke weed with him.") I also love Ray Wise's interaction with Einstein. Inspired lunacy.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weird Movie Synopsis of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we saw a tale of Elephant vengeance. Against Nazis. This time, courtesy of my friend Dave, we've got a touching story of bovine mutation:
"In this unsettling chiller, a genetic experiment intended to boost bovine fertility goes awry when one of the cows spawns lethal mutant offspring."
Short, but sweet. Does it surprise anyone that this is a film that is available on Netflix streaming? I thought not.

According to Dave, this movie is actually much more well-made than the premise might lead one to believe. I guess we'll just have to see about that, won't we? The movie is called Isolation, and IMDB has rated as a rather hefty (for this kinda movie) 5.9 rating from 2500+ users.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we looked at a horror movie featuring bunny suit wearing chainsaw murderer. This time, let's examine a movie about elephants. And Nazis.
According to IMDB's surprisingly informative user review, Elephant Fury has a rather interesting history:
Sensation director and actor Harry Piel made the film "Panik" in the period 1940-1943 that was banned by the Promi: the animals running loose from a zoo after a bombardment reminded in 1943 too much of the real bombardments and in Berlin indeed one day the animals from the zoo were running through the streets. The only copy of the film was later destroyed by a bombardment also, while after the war the negative was confiscated by the Russians. In 1951/2 Piel was able to reclaim the negative, shot some additional material and edited a new version under a new title.
By all accounts, it's not particularly good, but the entire thing is available on YouTube (embedded above) and the short description is tantalizing: "Wild Animals Escape Zoo to attack Nazis". Note that the animals do not escape the zoo and attack Nazis. They escape to attack Nazis. Motivation is important, even to animal actors.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Weird Movie of the Week
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we looked at a Hitchcockian tale of mustache disappearance. This time, we've got a bloody, gory and supremely weird movie trailer:

Wow, I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Of course, creepy bunny suits have a surprisingly deep cinematic history, but this one goes a few steps further than normal. Devin Faraci has the lowdown on the film:
It looks kind of hackneyed and silly but also nicely shot - at least much more nicely shot than a movie featuring a bunny suit wearing chainsaw murderer should be. I did some research and at first got excited that this film was about a truly bizarre urban legend from Fairfax County, Virginia that has also spread to Washington, DC. The legend is about a maniac in a bunny suit who attacks people with an axe at a railway overpass. Supposedly it’s based on fact.
Wow. Considering that the film was made in 2009 and was apparently never released, I'm betting we won't even be able to watch this if we wanted. But according to the film's offical Myspace page (Myspace? Yikes.) there's a sequel in the works:
The little germ of a idea has sprouted into a full on 20 page treatment.... a full script is not that far behind. There seems to be a wealth of ideas as to how to continue the story with the characters of Bunnyman. What's really positive about this, is after watching the film, everyone wants to see more. The character has sparked interest, and people want to know what happens next.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weird Movie Synopsis of the Week
There are weird movies, and they will often have a funny plot synopsis on IMDB or Netflix, because weird stories become even weirder when condensed. Then there's La moustache. The synopsis from Netflix:
Marc (Vincent Lindon) has worn a mustache all his adult life. One day on a whim, he decides to shave it off. Certain his wife will comment on the drastic change in his appearance, Marc is baffled when neither she nor friends notice at all. Even more disturbing is that once he calls attention to it, everyone insists he's never had a mustache.
It is, of course, a French film.

Greek philosopher Epictetus is often attributed with saying something to the effect of: "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." And so I ask you, gentle reader: when you read that plot synopsis, how did you react? I, of course, added the movie to my Netflix Watch Instantly queue at position #1. (hat tip to Boobs Radley, who is awesome. See also: this.)
Posted by Mark on April 21, 2011 at 12:49 AM .: link :.

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