In the beginning, Kaedrin was simply an exercise. I wanted to know more about this curious thing called the “internet.” World domination had little to do with it. I swear.

This site has existed in various incarnations for over two decades and the last time I updated my “About” page was back during the turn-of-the-century timeframe, so I guess it’s time to make some updates. The old “About” page is still out there if you’re genuinely curious (amusingly enough, that page itself links to an old “About” page that is even less useful).

Many moons ago, I made up the word “Kaedrin” because I thought it looked and sounded cool. When it came time to find a domain for my website, it was the natural choice. If you search Google, you’ll probably notice that there’s a guy who goes by the name “Kaedrin” that makes video game mods. He’s not me, even if it might seem like it.

My name is Mark and I’m a Product Manager for a major electronic retailer. I tend to post a lot about movies, books, and beer (I have a whole separate blog for beer.)

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