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This is probably a fool’s errand since all these movies could disappear from Netflix forever tomorrow, but for today, here are a bunch of movies available on Netflix that you might not have seen because the mechanisms for browsing Netflix are awful, you probably don’t need recommendations for stuff like The Dark Knight or Thor: Ragnarok, and some of these movies would be obscure and difficult to hear about in any case:

  • Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion – I’m no expert on Indian cinema, but Netflix appears to be making some attempt to court Indian viewers as they are consistently adding movies like these two Tollywood epics. Set in ancient India, a man with a mysterious past learns of his royal heritage and the heroism of his father. Or something. Look, these two movies combined are 5+ hours of action, romance, and more action. If you’re a fan of epic battles of mythological proportions, you will enjoy this and the runtime will not seem overlong. Well worth checking out.
  • Bad Genius – This Thai movie about high school students cheating on tests was one of the best heist movies of the past year or two, which is saying a lot. It made my top 10 last year, so I’ve already sung its praises, but it’s still obscure enough to warrant another mention here.
  • Everly – Salma Hayek faces down wave after wave of assassins sent to kill her by a mob boss/kidnapper. A bit video-game like in execution, it’s still a very entertaining little action flick that people don’t seem to talk about very much. Well worth checking out if you want to see Salma Hayek in wall-to-wall action sequences.
  • Cold in July – An underrated and underseen Texas Noir tale of a protective father who foils a burglar and as a result, gets wrapped up in an ever escalating series of events. Fans of Country Noir would love it, assuming they knew about it (but this movie didn’t get a big release).
  • The Way of the Gun – Are you a fan of Christopher McQuarrie’s recent Mission: Impossible movies? Well this isn’t quite as action packed, but it’s McQarrie’s highly idiosyncratic directorial debut about a pair of criminals who kidnap a crime boss’s pregnant wife for ransom, and then have to deal with the various bag-men sent their way. Fascinating movie with an intricate plot. Well worth checking out.
  • Five more recommendations presented without comment because I’ve either talked them up too much before or perhaps they’re better known than the others or maybe I just didn’t have much to say about them (even though I didn’t say that much about the above, I know, get over it): The Thin Blue Line, Real Genius, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Stardust, and Wind River. You’re welcome.

That about covers it. I was going to add a few that I hadn’t seen yet to the list, but then, I hadn’t seen them yet, so I can’t very well recommend them. But that might make for good post later on.

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