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More links from the depths of the internets:

  • The bones of old decisions by Clive Thompson – Or: why we’re still using a qwerty keyboard, despite the fact that the original reasons for laying our keyboards out this way have not been relevant for, like, 50 years. This is not a unique twist of fate either, it’s a common issue. Technological lock-in is a bitch.
  • I’m Sorry – An apology by an awesome person.
  • It’s a Sarlaac in your Toilet – Mother of God.
  • Trolls are People Too – This is a neat story about someone who engaged with a troll rather than write them off or castigate them (the two typical responses). I don’t know the details of the particular situation other than what’s in the linked post, but I’d wager that this dude isn’t what I’d consider a troll. Perhaps I have an overly specific version of a troll (friggin’ jokee, amiright 4kers who read this blog? (apologies for the near incomprehensible inside joke, but there’s like two people who are either laughing or getting ready to punch their monitor right now…)) It’s probably something I should dedicate a full post to, but most of the people we call trolls these days don’t seem like the trolls of yore. I’d just call them assholes myself, because “Don’t feed the trolls” doesn’t really apply to anonymous drive-by lackwits posting on some random blog. Terminology evolves over time, but if you’re going to make troll mean something different, you need to also make sure you change up the way you deal with trolls. Like I said, fodder for a longer post that I’ll probably never get to. You’re welcome.

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