Red Letter Media Review of Episode II

Hot off the presses, Red Letter Media’s review of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. If you haven’t seen the absolutely brilliant review of Episode I, watch that first because it is better than this one (though I haven’t finished it just yet, so far, it’s not quite as good). This isn’t to say that this one is bad, just that, uh, it’s not as good.

I think perhaps one of the things that makes this less funny is that many of the complaints from Episode I are carried over to Episode II. Many of the behind the scenes clips are the same, for instance. Also, in the Episode I review, there were all these strange allusions to the reviewer’s ex-wives and how they died “mysteriously” in “unrelated accidents”. Some people found them off-putting, but I thought they were fine in the Episode I review. In this review, there’s way too much of the serial-killer stuff and it goes on for way too long at times. Still, it’s pretty funny stuff and pretty incisive too. I look forward to finishing off this review tonight and also the inevitable Episode III review. I wonder what he’ll go into after that?

2 thoughts on “Red Letter Media Review of Episode II”

  1. Two very good segments, IMO: The section on Lucas ruining lightsabers and the force all in one scene (although you could argue that “the Force” as a concept was already heavily damaged in Episode One; and halfway through the ninth video where shots of Yoda from Empire were intercut with clips from the prequels and commentary by Lucas.

  2. Yeah, those were both pretty good points. I think a lot of the points really go for the entire prequel trilogy (for instance, ruining the “force” concept starts with the whole Midichlorian thing in Ep 1). That’s why you see a lot of clips from all 3 movies in the review…

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