A Funny Recommendation

My friend Roy and I were chatting about horror movies on some message boards we frequent, and he listed out some of his favorites, including a movie called A Tale of Two Sisters. What he said intrigued me, so I went to add it to my Netflix queue. A quick search yielded two results. The first was a 2004 Korean horror film that was obviously what he was talking about (and it had a pretty good rating too). The other one was a 1989 film described thusly:

Narrated by Charlie Sheen, Tale of Two Sisters is a dreamlike, seductive vision based on Sheen’s poetry.

Say no more. This film sounds much more horrific than anything I’ve been watching recently.

3 thoughts on “A Funny Recommendation”

  1. I’m fighting the urge to talk about the movie, because I hate spoiling things for people. =D

    One thing I can say, without spoiling: it’s a beautiful film- some of the shots are just really, really well structured, and there’s an interesting use of color and pattern.

  2. I don’t care how well structured the shots are or how great the color scheme is – I’m not watching a movie based on Charlie Sheen’s poetry.

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