Wii, guess what I get to do?

So I’ve been working a lot lately, which means no exercise. How to correct this? That’s right, I bought a Nintendo Wii using the feeble excuse that it will at least provide some measure of activity other than sitting at a desk and typing. Plus, you know, it’s fun. In any case, I’m not writing much tonight, so I’ll just point to a few things, including the latest “hubristic” round of the Movie Screenshot Game, in which I posted 5 screenshots and requested that the winner has to get them all right. As it turns out, that was perhaps a little too hard, so I’ve posted some hints in the comments. If no one gets them tomorrow, I’ll post even more obvious hints, and if no one still has it by Friday, I’ll have stumped the internet. Or, uh, the 10 people who read my blog.

For those who are baffled by the title of this post, it’s one of the little clips they often play on the Preston and Steve Show, a local morning talkshow that’s freely available online as a podcast (the whole show is posted every day, with almost no commercials). When I can home tonight and saw the Wii waiting on my doorstep (I ordered online), that was the first thing that went through my head… then I realized I could make a Wiipun.

In other news, Author is also watching Nadesico and wants to “engage into a stegagography themed game” in which people who get rare discs mark them in some way and post them in a central location, so that other people who get the same disc will know, and can mark it again, etc… until they find out how many copies of a disc Netflix has in stock. Interesting idea, though I should admit that I never got disc 4. It said “Very Long Wait” and then one day, it said “Now” so I put it at the top of my queue, but a couple of days later, I checked again, and it was back to “Very Long Wait.” Crap. I proceeded to remove it from my queue and downloaded the episodes, which I still haven’t watched (this weekend, I promise!) I’m half tempted to put disc 4 back in the queue, just to play Author’s game. Author, if it helps, I do have disc 6 here, if that counts for anything. My assumption is that they have less than 10 (maybe only a couple or even just one) of disc 4. Since they don’t have any of disc 5, I wouldn’t put it past them…

And finally, for anyone who listens to the excellent Filmspotting podcast, it looks like we’ve reached the end of an era. One of the hosts, Sam Van Hallgren announced on last week’s show that he will be retiring from after just a few more shows. At first I was shocked, but then the more I thought about it, I realized I should have seen this coming. The show has had several guest hosts throughout it’s 2.5 year run, and it always seemed to be Sam that was absent. Sam will certainly be missed, and I can totally understand his reasons. When he started Filmspotting (or Cinecast, as it was called back then), he was single and working a part time job. Since starting, he’s gotten married, bought a house in Milwaukee, and gotten a full time job. Like some bloggers I read, I have no idea how these people manage to produce the quality and quantity of material that they do, and so it’s hard to begrudge Sam leaving the show. Again, though, he will be missed. One of the great things about the show was that Adam and Sam have great chemistry and differing tastes. They’ve already found a replacement for Sam (one of their friends, nicknamed Matty Ballgame), and he’s guest hosted before. I’m sure he’ll do a good job, but the show will never be the same. Of course, that’s what happens – life goes on. Hey, maybe we’ll go back to the 2 shows per week format! Really, though, I have to credit Cinecast/Filmspotting for really galvanizing and inspiring my recent (by which I mean the last 2 years) movie craze. I’ve always loved movies, but listening to Cinecast/Filmspotting has really emphasised my appreciation, and despite Sam’s departure, I’m sure it will continue to do so.

That’s all for now. Back to the Wii for me.

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