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Once again, time has run short (big game* stuff), so I’ll simply resort to throwing a few links at you under the pretense that I’m fighting the closed loop of blogreading that many fall into (previous installment here). So here:

  • Pointless Attack of a Random Person from Wikipedia: A humorous and exceedingly random blog really gives it to Paul LaFarge. Who the hell is that? Go and read.
  • Fantastic Films?: Kelson gives a brief preview of some movies to look forward to, including an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust (a film I didn’t even know was being made – I must be slipping in my old age). This blog is also notable (to me, at least), because the author uses Opera. Awesome.
  • The Wii Sports Experiment: This guy bought a Wii and lost 9 pounds in six weeks from the exertion. The only change he made to his daily routine was to play 30 minutes of Wii a day. This man is justifying the purchase of a Wii for thousands of husbands, everywhere.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the lameness of recent bloggery. Things have been busy lately, but are finally slowing down again. More to come.

* I should trademark the phrase “Big Game” so that people can’t say that either.

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