Set an open course for the virgin sea

In a few days time I'll be embarking on a much needed vacation, so I won't be around to post this Sunday and possibly the next. I had planned to leave a few posts here to fill the void, but Road Runner decided to cut out on me last night and has only just come back...

While I'm out cruising the high seas, you might want to check out some of the other features here at Kaedrin. Tandem Stories are a form of interactive storytelling in which each successive paragraph is written by a different author (or by alternating authors). We've been playing around with this stuff for years here at Kaedrin, so take a look at some of these:
  • Raindrops : I started this story just so everyone would have something to do while I was gone. Intern George McGraves loves the rain. Today, he'll find out just how much the rain likes him, with the help of you!
  • The Fantabulous Adventures of Mark and Bill - This is series of sit-com-like tandem stories that chronicles how a misguided programmer, Mark, gets his wife back with the help of Bill Gates. I just started off part 4, where Bill Gates and Steve Jobs confront each other in an ice cream shop, so have at it!
  • The Rebel Fire Alarms - Kaedrin's first and arguably, best, tandem story. Unfortunately, you can no longer add to this one, but its an interesting read. A menacing presence has invaded the Hickville University campus with only a small band of misfits to stop it. Malfunctioning fire alarms are only the tip of the iceberg as our heroes quickly find out that there is much more at stake than just Hickville U. Hijinks ensue.
There you go. And, of course, you could always have a chat in the forum with the regulars (they don't bite... hard). Have fun, and I'll see you in a week or two...

Update 8.24.03 - I'm back!