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Tandem Stories
Tandem stories are a form of writing in which each successive paragraph is written by a different author. The process is simple. I will write the first paragraph of a short story. A visitor to this site will read the first paragraph, and then add a another paragraph to the story.The next visitor will then add a third paragraph, and so on back and forth. The story is over when an obvious conclusion has been reached. This short example was written by two people and shows just how interesting this form of writing can be.

Latest Update: All tandem stories should be up and running again. All active stories are now powered by Movable Type.

Getting Started
There are no set boundaries to the story, but as the short example shows, the story can very easily degenerate into mindless insults and obscenity. So I would respectfully request that you refrain from the use of excessive vulgarity or ignorant attacks on other people who are posting (such as the end of the example). Regardless, I reserve the right to remove any profanity or obscenity in the event that it rears its ugly head. That being said, don't be afraid to be too weird or to take the story in a completely different direction. That is what makes this type of story so fun. Thank you and enjoy the stories!
Note: The scripts that process the entries do NOT support HTML or line breaks (your entry will appear as an unbroken paragraph).

Story Name and Info Comments
Status: Active
Intern George McGraves loves the rain. Today, he'll find out just how much the rain likes him.
The Drifter
Status: Active
A mysterious drifter must pull one last job to pay back a loan shark he owes. Running contraband and fighting giant mutated scorpians, the Drifter only has one week to complete his task. [Ported to new Tandem Engine on 9.1.03]
The Fantabulous Adventures of Mark and Bill
Status: Active
Episode 1: "Pilot" - Mark, a programmer consumed by a quest for perfect code, is thrust into a series of unlikely events when his wife divorces him and a tardis shows up in his cube. The first in a series of sit-com-like tandem stories that chronicles how Mark gets his wife back with the help of Bill Gates.
Episode 2: "Naive and Hell To Go" - In their journey through hell's wasteland, Mark and Bill learn something about themselves...
Episode 3: "Where's the Beef?" - The further exploits of Mark and Bill, featuring murderous cows. Episode 4: "Dairy Land" - Mark and Bill face off against Steve and Truman.
Primary Action Item
Status: Active
Todd de-prioritizes his current project and makes a new Primary Action Item! [Ported to new Tandem Engine on 9.1.03]
Phone Calls
Status: Active
The lazy Matt is awakened by a series of cryptic and shocking phone calls. Who is making the calls? What do they reveal? You decide! [Ported to new Tandem Engine on 12.3.04]
The Rebel Fire Alarms
Status: closed
A menacing presence has invaded the Hickville University campus with only a small band of misfits to stop it. Malfunctioning fire alarms are only the tip of the iceberg as our heroes quickly find out that there is much more at stake than just Hickville U. Hijinks ensue. Closing Remarks
Ghost Town
Status: closed
A lone man must confront his mysterious past while dealing with the sinister Riders. This is a long one and it gets complicated because it splits into two stories which later converge into one... Closing Remarks

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