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The Fantabulous Adventures of Mark and Bill

This is series of sit-com-like tandem stories that chronicles how a misguided programmer, Mark, gets his wife back with the help of Bill Gates. Episode 1 has its origins in a testing of the new Tandem Story engine; it wasn't actually supposed to be a good story, but thanks to all my testers, it wound up being probably the best tandem story ever.

Episode 1 had a clear ending, yet there were still some loose ends. DyRE noticed that the story feels very much like a "pilot" episode of a television show, and suggested that we continue in that vain, so here we are! Episode 2 is ripe and willing for your brilliant prose!
  • Episode 1 - "Pilot" : [Status: Closed] The original "pilot" episode, make sure to read this first as it sets up the premise and the major characters!
  • Episode 2 - "Naive/Hell To Go" : [Status: Closed] Mark and Bill move through hell (thanks to some urinal cakes), while Steve Jobs plots to get ice cream.
  • Episode 3 - "Where's the Beef?" : [Status: Closed] The further exploits of Mark and Bill, featuring murderous cows.
  • Episode 4 - "Dairy Land" : [Status: Open] Mark and Bill face off against Steve and Truman in an ice cream parlor.

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