Search Engines

This is an interesting tool that you can use to help you find keywords for your site. Type in a keyword and you can find related searches that include your term, as well as how many times that term was searched on last month. Wery useful.


For those of you who have seen Unbreakable, check out this alternate ending. IMHO, it makes for a much better ending; very subtle and yet nothing is really lost from the version released. Those little text messages at the end were so… out of place. [from Widgett by way of Coming Attractions; Widgett’s site, hath recieved a gigantic update as well.]

Meat Helmets

There’s not really much I can think to say about Hats Of Meat other than that I want a “Base-Bull Cap”. Since I know you want to know more about this bold and innovative fashion statement, check out the MeatHelmet page. Fascinating.

My Fake Webcam

Thats right, I’m jumping on another bandwagon. Check out my all new and boring Fake Webcam. It will get more interesting as time goes on. I promise.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

While this has been a lackluster year for movies, things have been heating up a bit lately. I think the movie that I am most looking forward to this Holiday Season is the Coen Brothers’ new comedy, O Brother, Where art Thou?. Judging from this review, I won’t be disappointed. The setup is fairly standard: 3 prisoners escape and travel across the state to recover a small fortune that was stolen from a bank. But remember, this is Coen Brothers we’re talking about here: “It�s a musical. And it�s based in Homer�s Odyssey.” Thats interesting. Other early reviews are also positive, so I’m confident I’ll enjoy this flick.

The Running Man Bible

For the uninitiated, The Running Man was a cheesy 80s Schwartzenegger action flick that is generally considered something of an abomination by film critics and even most fans. However, the author of this hilarious review of The Running Man thinks otherwise:

“Did we watch the same film? The unedited version? The one with all the swear words and the scene where the head of a fleeing prisoner explodes like a chinchilla in a convection oven?”

LOL! Go and read his madness. Now


When I first found out that Napster was being sued by the 5 largest record labels, I was appalled. Not so much at their protecting their rights and sales (though that is debateable), but that they were passing up a huge business deal. Think about it, 40 million people are using a specific piece of software to trade music. Wouldn’t it make more sense to charge for the right to use that software (as opposed to shutting it down)? Instead of embracing technology, the record industry was foolishly trying to put a stop to Napster. Then all the file sharing clones and alternatives showed up. Remember, Napster is only a company that wants to make money but couldn’t (because of the copyright issue). Finally, someone has realized the potential. German media giant Bertelsmann (1 of the aformentioned 5 largest record labels) recently announced that they would be forming a business alliance with Napster, possibly charging a monthly fee of up to $15.00. Though this probably won’t stop file sharing, it will probably be very lucrative for the parties involved…

Math Against Tyranny

This interesting article shows how the electoral college vote empowers voters more than a raw popular vote. Why do people have such a hard time understanding that the Electoral College is a good thing? An interesting analogy is made: “the same logic that governs our electoral system…also applies to many sports” For instance, in baseball’s World Series, the team that scores the most runs overall is like a candidate who gets the most votes. But in order to win the series, that team must also win 4 games. In the 1960 World Series, the Yankees scored almost twice as many runs as the Pirates, and yet lost the series. “Runs must be grouped in a way that wins games, just as popular votes must be grouped in a way that wins states.” Wery interesting. [via kottke]