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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Imaginary Archive
Believe it or not, the Imaginary Archive no longer exists solely in my imagination. I take a guilty pleasure in ransacking the shelves of the library in which I am supposed to be studying. During one of these out of the way expeditions into the vast expanse of bookshelves, I came upon a book called The Book of Imaginary Beings; "a handbook of the strange creatures conceived through time and space by the human imagination". I was spellbound, as I hope you will be. This site has expanded the idea of imaginary beings to include other imaginary things such as places, objects and concepts.

Coming Soon
More entries coming. Soon, you'll be able to add your own imaginary stuff. Start compiling now!

What's New
12.07.02 - Three new beings concerning the origins of everyone's favourite gift giver!

4.27.02 - Two new places explaining how things get built...

4.7.02 - Working on a new layout for this place. I'm not yet satisfied with it just yet, but it will do for now. Many changes coming. Also, you may want to stay away from that water with the green froth, Peg Powler may lurking nearby...

5.6.01 - Thanks to DyRE, a bunch of Illithids have begun practicing their unique brand of psionics on the Imaginary Beings page. Also, I coded something to let you know what entries are new in each section. Enjoy!

5.5.01 - A strange jet-black object has appeared here at IA; witnesses were brought to Room 101 for "debriefing"

4.15.01 - The Hobbits are busy throwing parties and showering me with presents. I didn't get the Ring though. Something about it being evil and having to be desroyed. Entries should look slightly nicer in IE...

3.15.01 - Beware the crossroads.

1.30.01 - Added a new imaginary place explaining why I no longer have a shadow.

1.10.01 - Moved IA to its new home I also converted the site into XML (then transformed it back into HTML), which will yield a great deal of flexibility, making IA easier to update and maintain. Some work still needs to be done, but the basic structure is in place.

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