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Yes, another Link Dump. Just a routine clearing of the baffles before the Six Weeks of Halloween starts in earnest next week:

Scrambled Eggs a la Kung Fu – This woman is creating insane, over-the-top blockbuster cooking videos with homebrew special effects and stop motion animation. Each one is absurdly fun to watch.

Scientists find that the moon is rusting and they don’t really know why – It doesn’t look like it’ll be turning red like Mars anytime soon, but scientists are still baffled as to how an airless, waterless moon could be rusting:

Although the Moon is airless, recent findings indicate the presence of hematite, a form of rust that only occurs with oxygen and water. This has scientists baffled.

The Moon is also constantly exposed to a steam of hydrogen from the solar wind. Hydrogen is a reducing agent that ‘donates’ its electrons to the materials it is exposed to.

Rusting occurs due to a loss of electrons, so if hypothetically oxygen and water were present on the moon, the hydrogen would cancel out the rusting process.

“It’s very puzzling,” says planetary scientist Shuai Li of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.” “The Moon is a terrible environment for hematite to form in.”

SHOCK it to me – Final Girl is back and returning to Shocktober roots by going interactive. Check it out and send her your top 20 horror films. She’s done this a few times in the past, and it’s always been a fun Halloweentime activity…

Joe Bob Interviews Wes Craven – This is foreshadowing one of the weekly themes we’ll be doing here at Kaedrin during the Six Weeks of Halloween. It’s worth watching in its own right, and they’re talking about Craven’s underrated The Serpent and the Rainbow.

UPGRADE Knife Fight Scene in LEGO – Stop motion hommage to a pretty great and also underrated movie.

Guy Replaces the Guts of a Pregnancy Test – Hijinks ensue.

Winamp Skin Museum – This brings back some memories.

Star Trek’s most prescient prediction was communication via memes in ‘Darmok’ – Leonardo Di Caprio, his glass raised.

I realize that some of these link to Twitter. I’m sorry, I’m trying to avoid it too. But these particular posts are still fun and you don’t have to browse the rest of the site. Be strong. Alright, so we’ve had a lot of Link Dump posts of late, but we’re entering Halloween season, so you’re about to be inundated with horror movies and other nominally ghastly signifiers of the season. Brace yourself.

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