Link Dump

Just the usual selection of interesting links from the depths of ye olde internets:

  • The Restrained Genius of a Joe Pesci Performance – Nice profile of Pesci; includes this offhand anecdote that is hysterical:

    After frequently lamenting the typecasting and grind of set life in interviews, he went into semiretirement to focus on jazz (under the pseudonym Joe Doggs), his family and golf. Even Louis C.K. at the height of his pre-scandal fame couldn’t coax Pesci to work with him; instead, Pesci told him that he should quit doing stand-up because he wasn’t funny.

    (emphasis mine) Heh.

  • Being prepared is overrated: start before you feel ready – Just getting started is often the most difficult part.

    Being successful is not about your ability to plan, but your ability to act. There will always be more planning to do, more scenarios to consider. Of course, it would be amazing to feel utterly ready. But the reality is that waiting until you feel ready may mean the opportunity to act has already passed.

    You may make more mistakes at first if you decide to start acting before you feel ready, but the long-term compound effect of learning from these mistakes will get you closer to your goals than any amount of preparation. The illusion of a perfect time to start is holding you back. Anyone who has managed to put their work into the world most likely started before they were ready.

  • History and Guardians of the Galaxy Mashup – It’s easy to look at social media and stuff like TikTok and think we’re doomed, but then you see stuff like this. Which is silly, to be sure, but still great.
  • Martin Scorsese on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1996) – Forget about Scorsese on Marvel, check out Scorsese on Cats! Also, I forgot about how weird Conan’s show used to be.
  • How They Expect You to React When You get an Amber Alert – Heh.
  • I Built a COMPUTER in Magic: The Gathering – Magic is Turing complete.

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