Weird Movie of the Week

Last time on Weird Movie of the Week, we saw a touching tale of lobsters and cops. This time around, we examine the elusive and dangerous Clown Hunt:

In the wilds of Texas, grown men gather to hunt the rarest game of all: Clowns. Once plentiful and common now one must pay a heft some to hunt clowns, and for some reason it’s become annual tradition. However this season the appearance of Albino Willie, a rare albino clown, poses a special prize and danger.

Look, this doesn’t get good ratings and it’s not really available (unless you want to shell out $45 for a DVD), but it sounds absolutely amazing. Granted, I’m sure the 72 minute long film doesn’t live up to its premise, but it’s also worth noting that this film was written and directed by Barry Tubb, most famous for his role as Wolfman in Top Gun (he’s one of the pilots that doesn’t get much play – ‘I said to Hollywood, “Where’d he go?” Hollywood says, “Where’d who go?”‘). I don’t know, I just find it funny that this guy was probably carrying around the script for forever and was finally able to make his little passion project.

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