Link Dump

As per usual, interesting links from the depths of ye olde internets:

  • The 25 Most Ridiculous Movie Promo Photos of All Time – My favorites are Jodie Foster posing with an actual lamb and Arnold as Mr. Freeze posing with his wife, who doesn’t have a speaking part in the movie (she’s in a coma).
  • The Rockies Believe They Have an Unbreakable Code – Interesting dissection of coded baseball signals:

    Iannetta said three-digit codes are never repeated in-game for the same call.

    “If I get ‘1-4-3,’ and it’s a throw over to first base, we’ll never use ‘1-4-3’ again to throw over,” Iannetta said. “There will never be repetition… It’s pretty impossible to steal signs if you use the system we are using.”

    It gets a little into data and how much you really should be trying to control the game through signals…

  • “Syndrome K” was a phony disease made up by doctors in the Fatebenefratelli Hospital during WWII to prevent Nazis from investigating too closely. And it worked! They called it a contagious, fatal disease whose symptoms included convulsions, dementia, paralysis, and, ultimately, death from asphyxiation. Patients were advised to look sick until the doctors could find a way to smuggle them out safely. Nazis mostly kept their distance, though they eventually figured it out (but not after approximately a hundred Jews were saved).
  • MTV Presents: This Is Horror (1991) – Someone uploaded this one-hour special in its entirety, including commercials from back in the day.
  • Arrested Development: Star Wars with Ron Howard! – Ron Howard narrates Star Wars in the Arrested Development style.
  • The Rhetoric of the Hyperlink – Nerding out on how hyperlinks change the way we should write:

    The reason this scares some people is rather Freudian: when an author hyperlinks, s/he instantly transforms the author-reader relationship from parent-child to adult-adult. You must decide how to read.

    It’s an interesting technological way to force the topic, but I’ve always maintained that reading shouldn’t be as passive as many people take it as. It’s also worth noting that just because the hyperlink is there, doesn’t mean people will follow it (think of all the people who comment on an article based on the headline, etc…)

And that’s all for now…

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