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Time is short, so we shall venture into yonder internets in search of interesting linkys for you to follow:

  • Patrolling Disputed Waters, U.S. and China Jockey for Dominance – Interesting article on the interactions between the U.S. and Chinese Navies, worth reading just for the highly coded and exceedingly polite exchanges between Naval ships like this:

    …so began an elaborate diplomatic dance.

    “This is U.S. Warship 62. Good morning, sir. It is a pleasant day at sea, over.”

    No response.

    “This is U.S. Warship 62. Good morning, sir. It is a pleasant day to be at sea, over.”

    Still no response.

    Captain Renshaw turned to Ensign Li. “You’re up,” he said. “They can’t pretend they don’t speak Chinese.”

    “Chinese Warship 575, this is U.S. Warship 62,” Ensign Li said in Chinese. “Today is a sunny day for a sea voyage, over.”

    …Suddenly, the radio crackled again as the frigate responded in Chinese: “U.S. Warship 62, this is Chinese Warship 575. Today’s weather is great. It is a pleasure to meet you at sea.”

    Ensign Li responded, also in Chinese: “This is U.S. Warship 62. The weather is indeed great. It is a pleasure to meet you, too, over.”

    Preliminaries dispensed with, the Chinese ship got down to business, switching to English. “How long have you been since departing from your home port? Over.”

    Captain Renshaw was immediately shaking his head. “No, we’re not answering that. I would never ask him that.”

    Ensign Giancana picked up the radio again. “Chinese Warship 575, this is U.S. Navy Warship 62. We do not talk about our schedules. But we are enjoying our time at sea, over.”

    And it goes on from there, excellent.

  • The Memory Palace: Jackie the MGM Lion – You’ve seen her roar a lot, this is the story behind MGM’s infamous lion.
  • Keanu shredding with Taran Butler in preparation for what is sure to be another cinematic masterpiece, John Wick 2.
  • Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press – Maybe, but it sorta ceases to be paper at that point…
  • A Wannabe Supervillain Built His Own Thermite Cannon – Because of course.
  • Outrageous Oliver Reed Interview on Late Night (1987) – And I thought today’s celebrities were crazy.

And that’s all for now!

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