6WH: Fellow Travelers

It appears I’m not the only nutbar engaging in an enthusiastic horror movie marathon and general seasonal festivities. These people are awesome, check them out:

  • Six Weeks of Halloween – I can’t not include the man, the myth, the legend who created the 6 weeks of halloween all by his lonesome many moons ago. It appears that his is more busy with family and professional responsibilities this year than in recent years, but he is watching all of the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and he’s doing a great job so far. I particularly like the little notations on “favorite sin” and “Jason’s mood” etc… on each entry. Great times, as usual.
  • Film Thoughts – As usual, Zach puts everyone to shame by reviewing two movies and two television episodes every day. And these aren’t chinsy capsule reviews like I do, these are full fledged, detailed overviews of each and every movie, even the bad ones. There’s no way I could maintain a schedule this crazy and will probably only watch about half as many movies as he does during this timeframe (somewhere on the order of 30-40, while he will probably hit 80-90). He’s got a great perspective, check him out (and he’s active all year round too!)
  • Final Girl – Every year, she does this SHOCKtober thing, and while this year seems less interactive, she actually has been posting up a storm (despite anemic posting otherwise during the year). As always, her reviews are hilarious and even a little insightful.
  • Hey Look Behind You – The usual 31 days of horror marathon here, but always good stuff, with a focus on shorts too!
  • She Walks Softly – A Halloween countdown that takes a broader view and includes more than just movies, a welcome change of pace.
  • Halloween Special – Nifty look at some movies and other spooky happenings and random creepiness, including a pretty detailed calendar of events. Much more organized than I am, that’s for sure!
  • Countdown to Halloween – And if the above doesn’t satiate your appetite for Halloween goodness, check out this list of other websites doing their own thing for Halloween…

And that’s all for now. Stay tuned for some general comedic horror zaniness on Sunday…

2 thoughts on “6WH: Fellow Travelers”

  1. I wanted to do some horror movie watching, but the first thing we tried was the Poltergeist remake. It’s not a bad movie, really; but so many missed opportunities to be a “good” movie. And some very clumsy plot problems. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. So many of the horror remakes we see now do the same thing and basically become shadows of their predecessor (if that). Would be fine if they were new, but come off as deeply mediocre and inferior to their inspiration. I’d recommend checking out the original Poltergeist – I haven’t seen it in a while, but I think it held up pretty well.

    So far, my marathon has been mostly obscure stuff that’s hard to get ahold of. This will change this weekend, as I believe everything I’m watching is on Netflix Instant. Stay tuned!

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