Link Dump

The usual roundup of links from ye olde internets:

  • Carlos Henrique ‘Kaiser’ – The story of football’s greatest conman – I don’t think this would fly in American football, but what do I know?

    In a time when there was no internet and only relatively low access to live television, he understood that a chance to enjoy a career in football was still possible, despite having seen his talent diminish over his teens. His camaraderie with Brazilian footballers like Romario, Renato Gaucho and Edmundo played a pivotal role in his success as part-conman, part-footballer, as Kaiser earned himself three-month trials as a makeweight in deals upon the insistence of his peers.

    Once at the club, Kaiser would execute the next phase of his master plan. He would ask the club to give him time to regain fitness, thereby buying himself some time before he actually had to make the field. And when he did join the training sessions, he would drop to the ground at the first opportunity, clutching his hamstring.

    20 friggen years. Well played. Er, “played”.

  • Believe in Featherbowling – Brought to you by ESPN 8: The Ocho, comes this actually interesting story about an obscure curling/shuffleboard-like sport.
  • Teller is grateful and impressed – This video of Teller (the silent member of the Penn & Teller duo) actually speaking will traumatize you because Jesus, did you know he could talk?
  • Vincent Musetto, 74, Dies; Wrote ‘Headless’ Headline of Ageless Fame – Obituary of the journalistic hero who penned this headline: “HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR”. Sheer brilliance.
  • Vampire Thought Experiments – Always an entertaining enterprise.
  • Don’t Talk PSA: Coach – I could watch Alamo Drafthouse’s Don’t Talk PSAs all day.

That’s all for now. Off to see some impossible missions that will no doubt actually be possible (unless Ethan Hunt actually dies in this one).

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