6WH: Link Dump: Other Halloween Movie Marathons

It seems that I’m not the crackpot engaging in a horror movie marathon and general seasonal enthusiasm. These people are awesome, check them out:

  • Six Weeks of Halloween – The man, the myth, the legend – kernunrex invented the six weeks of Halloween all by his lonesome, though some of us have followed in his footsteps, and are better for the experience. So much better than the regular old 31 day marathon that amateurs (and ok, some awesome people, as defined below) usually engage in… As evidence of kernunrex’s commitment to the cause, his last few movies have been watched on a laptop, in a barn. Holy hell, people.
  • Film Thoughts Halloween 2014 – So this Bonehead XL (that is literally what he calls himself, though is real name appears to be Zack) also plays along with the 6 weeks of Halloween, contributing very detailed reviews almost every day. Like kernunrex, he puts me to shame in his ability to watch and write about horror movies. Check him out, for sures.
  • Final Girl SHOCKtober 2014 – Unlike recent years, Stacie Ponder is taking the month slow, simply posting about her favorite title sequences, from the exploding Friday the 13th to the classic “The Thing From Another Planet” title card. Awesome, as always.
  • NeedCoffee 32 Days of Halloween – Widge tries, and surpasses the pedestrian 31 day marathon, but only by one day. That’s admirable, but only barely.
  • Hey Look Behind You 31 Days of Halloween – Alright, fine, 31 days is plenty.

There you have it. There are, of course, tons of other folks partaking, but these are the people I follow. You should too!

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