2013 Year End Movie Cramming

It’s the time of year when most publications are releasing their Best of 2013 lists and most movie studios are releasing a glut of prestige pictures for Oscar eligibility. Not being an actual critic, this time of year can get to be a bit overwhelming as I struggle to catch up with small early year releases I’ve not seen as well as keeping up with new releases in theaters. As of right now, I’ve seen 49 movies that could be considered 2013 releases, which is less than last year at this time (and last year was also a slow year). This is partially because I didn’t attend any film festival screenings this year, but also because I’ve been less excited about the movies this year. I feel a bit burned out by movies, and have actually been watching a lot of TV this year. I suspect this will pass, of course, and I’ve already started to catch up on 2013 releases. I may start a bit later with this year’s Kaedrin Movie Awards (and top 10), but I think I’ll be in pretty good shape in the next few weeks, assuming I can cram in a few movies. Speaking of which, here’s a list of movies I’m looking to see soon, whether that be in theaters or on DVD/BD/Streaming:

  • The Wolf of Wall Street – From what I’ve heard and seen, Martin Scorsese’s latest could be a strong contender for a top 10 slot on my list, and I’m looking forward to checking this out.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug – I have this feeling that I have an obligation to see this movie even though I didn’t totally love the first movie (though I didn’t hate it either, it was a film that yielded much contradiction for me). I don’t expect much, but I feel like I should see it.
  • Saving Mr. Banks – Despite the fact that the trailer seems to give away too much of the plot, I do kinda want to check this out. It’s not tops on my list, so it may fall by the wayside, but it could be interesting.
  • Inside Llewyn Davis – I can’t not want to see a Coen brothers movie, but at the same time, this one definitely doesn’t seem to be hitting my normal interest points (folk music? Eh?) It also seems to be frustratingly limited release right now. If it goes wide, I’ll definitely see it.
  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Obviously not a prestige picture, but something I’m sure will be enjoyable, which is very valuable in this time of year when we start drowning in dark indie angst.
  • Her – I wasn’t very taken with the trailer for this, but it’s getting raves and the talent involved, particularly Spike Jonze is a definite plus. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with it (again, assuming it goes wide at some point).
  • Short Term 12 – Another tiny film that I missed during its initial rollout, this doesn’t really seem like my bag of tea, but it gets rave reviews, so I do want to check it out.
  • The Spectacular Now – A coming of age tale that has also been getting raves all year long, it comes out on video soonish.
  • In a World… – This just sounds like a lot of fun (movie trailer voice-over movie? Sure!), and I’m sad I missed it’s initial release, but it seems to be coming to video in the next month or so.
  • Bad Milo – I’ve already noted my desire to see this rather bizarre sounding movie about a butt demon in a wierd movie of the week post, and it looks like I’ll be able to do so in the next month or so. Very excited, though I’m not sure it will have enough oomph to really be a big contender.
  • The Act of Killing – And here we hit the depressing movie corner, as I’m sure this will be a harrowing movie, but it nonetheless seems like something I should definitely watch at some point.
  • Stories We Tell – A movie I probably wouldn’t be checking out if it didn’t get such glowing reviews. Sarah Polley’s personal documentary about, apparently, storytelling and the way we shape our lives through narrative. Or something.
  • The Place Beyond the Pines – I get the impression that this is a movie failed by its marketing, which apparently only focuses on about a third of this movie. I’m still not expecting huge things, but I’ve also heard plenty of good things, so who knows?
  • Disconnect – I have to admit that I’m not terribly enthused about this one, but again, I’ve heard enough good things to be curious enough that I may check it out.
  • The Bling Ring – This sounds like it could be fun, but knowing Sofia Coppola, it could also be a bit of a slog for me. Or not. Which is why I want to check it out.
  • Much Ado About Nothing – Joss Whedon’s follow-up to The Avengers, a semi-modern take on a Shakespeare play shot in a short timeframe with Whedon’s friends at his house. Or something like that. I do want to check this out at some point.
  • Prince Avalanche – Not sure I’d go that far out of my way to see this one, but it’s on Netflix Instant, so it will probably be watched.
  • Gimme the Loot – I’ve actually got mildly high hopes for this one, which seems like a real dark horse contender for a top 10 slot. Or it could be trash, but there’s only one way to find out.
  • Frances Ha – I’ve never been a big fan of Noah Baumbach and this film seems to be influenced by some flavor of mumblecore, which is not encouraging to me, but this is another movie I’ve heard good things about…
  • The Iceman – This seemed to come and go pretty quickly early in the year, but it does seem like an interesting film worth catching up with.

So wow, that’s 20 movies I still want to watch, and while I may not be able to get to all of these, I’ll probably watch some other 2013 releases not listed here too. I’m definitely more behind this year than I have been in years past!