Weird Book of the Week

After reading the following post, I’m expanding the Weird Movie of the Week franchise to apply to books:

In her book on writing, The Art of Fiction, Ayn Rand said no fiction writer should ever use real people or contemporary events. She said her original draft of The Fountainhead included Hitler, but she later cut him out because she wasn’t sure anyone would know who he was in 10 years. While she was obviously wrong, the principle stands, and today we’re seeing why.

… a book recently sent to BW for review called The President’s Vampire by Idaho author Christopher Farnsworth, opened with Bin Laden’s assassination—by a vampire who stuffed a grenade in his mouth and then threw him over a cliff so he exploded in midair. Also, Bin Laden was actually a giant lizard, genetically modified by a vast international conspiracy of reptilian humanoids.

I gotta say, that sort of grabs you right out of the gate.

But now … well, it just doesn’t seem as plausible.

Issues with plausibility aside, I think I’m going to read these books. This is exactly the sort of thing I’d take a chance on because of Kindle, though now that I look at it, the Kindle version is more expensive than the hardcover, which is absurd. Anywho, this series of novels is apparently based on a true story:

….he discovered an odd factoid in American history: a sailor who was convicted of killing and drinking the blood of his crewmates, then inexplicably pardoned by President Andrew Johnson. So Farnsworth provided a reason: The vampire sailor had taken an oath to serve the nation. The ideas for a series of novels were quick to follow.

“I just thought it would be really cool if Jack Bauer were like a vampire,” said Farnsworth.

Well, yeah. Of the Bin Laden incident described above, Farnsworth had this to say: “That was my Captain America punching Hitler in the mouth moment.” I rather think he one upped the stakes there, and that’s saying something.

Incidentally, this marks the second occasion I’ve linked to the freakin’ Boise Weekly, an Idaho “alternative newspaper”. I blame one of their staff writers, Josh Gross, who seems to have a knack for this stuff.

I’m still going to file this under Weird Movie of the Week, because really, this needs to be made into a movie.

Update: The audio version of the first book in the series is narrated by Bronson Pinchot. Bronson. Pinchot.

2 thoughts on “Weird Book of the Week”

  1. I am really not sure how to feel about these books. The concept sounds awesome and preposterous.

    I think I’ll stay away from trying these until you post something definitively positive.

  2. An understandable sentiment, and I have similar thoughts, though I’m sure I’ll run into a time when I really want to read something trashy and fun, and this will probably fit that bill well… I will, of course, blog about it, but then, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Might be a while!

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