Link Dump

As I compile my top 10 list and design my next homebrew, my chain-smoking monkey research squad has found some things that might interest you:

  • T-Rex Trying… – Gotta love a good niche-blog. This one chronicles the woes of the T-Rex as it unsuccessfully attempts to use its tiny arms to accomplish mundane tasks. My favorite is T-Rex trying to use a buffet with a sneeze guard… Brilliant.
  • Freetail Brewing’s response (.pdf) to a Cease and Desist order is hysterical. Apropos of the T-Rex trying site, check out the PS here (“Please enjoy this drawing of a T-Rex waving white flags, which was suggested for inclusion by my attorney.”) It’s not quite the most epic response letter ever, but it’s still pretty awesome.
  • Burgled in Philly – Interesting story of a burglary in Philly where the victims got their stuff back by lying to the police while manipulating one drug dealer to lie to another drug dealer. A ringing endorsement for lies.
  • Issued: Normal – Library card by a Harry Potter fan.
  • Manos in HD – So someone has taken on the improbable task of restoring Manos: The Hands of Fate – generally regarded as the worst movie ever made. The film rose to cult status when MST3K featured it in one of their episodes (one of the highlights of the series, IMHO). Amazingly enough, the restored footage looks pretty incredible.
  • Olly Moss is Cruel – I should learn how to jailbreak my kindle.
  • Tweet of the Week – Mike Shaver reflects: “It’s not clear to me how Wikipedia can delete any living human’s page for lack of notability when Worf’s son has a page.” It’s only partially true. Worf’s son appears on a List of minor recurring characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unless his dedicated entry was deleted or something. Still a funny tweet.

And that’s all for now.

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