Link Dump

Yes, another one.

  • Dear Subway, Inc. – I always thought they shaped the cheese like that because they didn’t want to use as much cheese. This guy has a somewhat more optimistic outlook.
  • The Videogame Car – Apparently it’s much harder to drive like that in real life than it is in GTA4.
  • Why records DO all sound the same – The unknown knows of the music industry. In all seriousness, it’s pretty interesting how modern music mixing and mastering techniques are used to smooth out and “louden” music tracks.
  • 5 Year Old Baseball Star – This kid is better at baseball than I ever was, and he’s only 5. He can consistently hit an 85 mph pitch (since he’s so small, he actually gets pushed backwards).
  • Transformers Crossover – This felt vaguely infuriating until I realized that it was Anikin Skywalker, not the real Star Wars.
  • Auto-Tune Some Pizza – How is it that Auto-Tune never gets old. Ok, well, it does, but still, this was pretty funny.

Yeah, so, sorry for the gratuitous link dumps of late. Just not especially inspired right now. Hopefully something more interesting on Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Link Dump”

  1. Dude, you’re *years* behind the Transformers/Star Wars crossover thing. Luke and Vader were released years ago.

    Darth Vader turns into either the Death Star or a Tie Fighter, depending on which version you get, and Luke turns into an X-Wing or a Snow Speeder.

  2. Yeah, but that’s what we do here at Kaedrin, Roy! And by “we”, I mean “me”. Or “I” (to be grammatically correct in the original sentence). What were we talking about again?

  3. I have thought that very same thing about the Subway cheese, and yet I realize that would actually complicate things too much. I’ve worked in a sub shop before (not Subway), and bothering to turn the cheese this way or that is just too much when you’re trying to remember No Onion or Extra Mayo or that you have to slice meat and take out the trash and get more bread baking…

    Maybe when business is slow, tessellating cheese is acceptable.

  4. Yeah, that makes sense, I guess. I have to admit, though, Subway is never really that crowded whenever I go there, even during peak times. I still have the cynical thought that their cheese is shaped like that to save money by stiffing us on extra cheese, but still.

  5. Even if the restaurant isn’t packed, most food service workers are pressured to be as fast as possible, in general. If any of my managers had seen me taking the time to tessellate cheese, or be the tiniest bit slow in other ways? I’d get a “What the hell is wrong with you?”

    It’s sad.

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