Link Dump

It’s actually been a few months since a link dump, so here are a few interesting links:

  • Uncomfortable Plot Summaries: This is everywhere lately, but it’s very funny. My favorites include LotR (“Midget destroys stolen property.”) and how every Neil Gaiman movie features pretty much the same plot summary. Actually, these remind me a lot of the classic Rinkworks Movie-A-Minute ultra-condensed movies.
  • Playing Columbine: Interview with Director Danny Ledonne: A followup for my review of Playing Columbine is this interview with the director who is also the one who created the game at the center of the film.
  • Video Game Documentaries: They Keep On Coming: Speaking of Playing Columbine, it seems that video game documentaries in general are becoming more and more common. This post at Spout features a bunch of upcoming documentaries, some of which sound very interesting…
  • The GAF Collection: The folks over at the NeoGAF video game forums have a photoshop thread where people post photoshopped game covers in the style of the Criterion Collection (perhaps continuing a trend from a few months ago). Some great stuff here, including several great covers for Shadow of the Colossus, Flower, and Metal Gear Solid, among many others.
  • DeepLeap: A mildly addictive single player word game (along the lines of a scrabble, but without a board). My high score is only in the 400 range or so, but it’s a lot of fun…
  • Craig Needs a Friend: I’m not sure how to describe this one, but this Craig guy is hilarious, as is his mode of communication.
  • Quadruple Saturn Moon Transit: 4 moons caught crossing the face of Saturn in one photo. Amazing stuff.
  • Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable: Clay Shirky’s musings on the current state of the newspaper business. I can’t think of the last time I actually read a newspaper. I remember at one point last year, someone bussed some inner city high-schoolers into my neighborhood and guilted us all into buying a subscription to the Philly Inquirer (apparently, the Inquirer would help pay college tuition for the high schoolers based on how many subscriptions they sold or something). However, I generally found myself grabbing the paper right from my doorstep and placing it in the recycle bin on my way out (i.e. most of the time, it didn’t even make it into my house).

That’s all for now. Coming up on Kaedrin, it seems I haven’t gotten over the whole Six Weeks of Halloween horror movie marathon, so expect to see some more slashers and SWH style posts in the near future (not six weeks worth, but just a few to tide you over for the next half year or so).

6 thoughts on “Link Dump”

  1. Oh, man, I can tell already that DeepLeap is going to be a timesink and a half for me. I’ve already played five games tonight (top score, 623… “raze” gave me 110 points alone). Must…not…keep…playing…

  2. Hehe, I just got over 1000. I think I had a clean slate several times in a row, and then I got 466 points with “jaws”? Something like that.

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