12DC: Day 9 – One of these is not like the other…

Seen while Christmas shopping:

One of these is not like the other...

Apparently T2 has entered the ranks of Christmas Classic. That endoskeleton skull fits right in on that shelf, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “12DC: Day 9 – One of these is not like the other…”

  1. Was it put there by another customer? I’d prefer watching T2 to most Christmas movies. I don’t like A Christmas Story very much, but aside from likes/dislikes, I’ve seen them all 10,000 times.

    I’m thinking of bringing Monty Python or Muppet Show DVDs to my aunt’s house instead of being subjected to It’s a Wonderful Life again.

  2. My assumption was that another customer did it, but I never checked… My family never really had an annual tradition of watching the same movies over and over again (indeed, not sure how I became such a movie lover, because they never really rewatched anything unless it was on TV) and I tend to not get sick of movies anyway, but I feel for you. I do hate it when someone insists on watching something I don’t want to watch:)

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