Dear Netflix User With Disc 4 of Crest of the Stars

Judging from the “Very Long Wait” status on Netflix, you’ve apparently had this disc for well over a month now. Please return it so the rest of us can watch. Thanks.

Also, if you’re the same person who has had the final disc of Banner of the Stars II for the past month, you might want to get going on that too. I haven’t started the series yet, so you’ve got some time, but still.



P.S. – Alternatively, if anyone from Netflix is reading, please increase stock of Crest, Banner, and Banner II. It seems like you only have one copy, and somebody still has the last disc of each series. Thanks.

Update: Crest disc 4 has been upgraded to “Long Wait.” Thank you Netflix user.

2 thoughts on “Dear Netflix User With Disc 4 of Crest of the Stars”

  1. I just gave up and bought the Banner. Once discs wear out, they won’t be back. Netflicks does not restock.

  2. Yeah, when I put Banner in my queue, they said they had them, but by the time I went to rent it, they said they were out of stock, so I ended up buying it as well.

    However, Crest of the Stars was still in the system and I had no problem getting the first 3 discs… it’s just the 4th disc that was the problem. Near as I could tell, they have it, it’s just rented out by someone (hence this post:P) Since I had also added Banner II in my queue, I also saw that the last disc of that series was on a “very long wait” status…

    Interestingly, my Crest of the Stars disc has now been upgraded to “Long Wait,” so I guess this worked:P

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