A few months ago, I wrote about a list of movies that I wanted to see even though I know they’ll suck. The first movie listed there, and the one that inspired the list was a little film called Hitman. Movies based on video games don’t exactly have a good track record though, and sure enough, it’s scored a whopping 11% on the Tomatometer.

Somehow, this makes me want to see it more. As such, I’ll be heading out momentarily to witness the alleged trainwreck that is the Hitman movie. More to come.

Update: Metacritic has it pegged at 34 out of 100. Upgrade!

Again Update: Look, it’s not a great movie. There’s nothing particularly innovative or new about it, and it certainly doesn’t pass the refrigerator test, but for crying out loud, it’s a Hitman movie! What the hell were you expecting? Looking at that 11% and knowing it was based on a video game, I was expecting a disjointed, incoherent mess. What I got was a decent spy thriller and an enjoyable experience. I’m with Ebert on this one. Best line from his review “I think he may be a virgin trained to make war, not love.” Come to think of it, maybe there is something new and different about this film… In any case, this just goes to show you the power of expectations (Ebert apparently felt the same way).

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  1. It’s definitely worth checking out on Netflix. The big screen is always fun with action movies, but this would be fine on DVD I think (plus, you might even get some good special features).

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