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Last Friday’s Bleat featured James Lileks’ first (that I know of) podcast. Since I’ve now got an iPod, I figured I might as well download it and see what all the fuss is about. It’s strange to hear the voice of someone you’ve previously only read. In this case, Lileks’ voice is much deeper than the voice I have in my head when I read his stuff.

It’s a short podcast, but the main topic is “a demonstration of the thesis that every era gets the Batman music it deserves.” Pretty good, and it’s about what you’d expect from Lileks. I only have one minor quibble – how can you talk about Batman music matching the time period and not actually go into detail on Prince’s horrific (yet appropriate for the 80s) Batdance? (Prince’s role in the 1989 soundtrack is mentioned, but no clips are played.) Oh, and 1 other minor complaint is that the podcast isn’t listed in iTunes, so I can’t set it to automatically update. Get with the program James! Anyway, this weeks was quite good, and I look forward to future installments…

Speaking of podcasts, does anyone have any recommendations? The only other podcast that I’ve gotten into is the CHUD Show (which is interesting, but probably only to movie nerds who can appreciate really bad jokes like myself).

2 thoughts on “Lileks Podcast”

  1. Teknikal Diffikulties podcast

    IMAO podcast

    Rip & Read Blogger podcast

    Shire Network News podcast

    The Dusty Show podcast (WFMU)

    ooh, and the very best: Seven Second Delay podcast (WFMU)

    Enjoy! Found you while looking for the link to Lileks’s podcast. All the best, Steve Barton

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