Link Dump

Yet another lazy post filled with links. Enjoy:

  • Love and Severus Snape: Eric S. Raymond’s take on the latest Harry Potter novel nicely summarizes some of the reasons people think Snape will be redeemed in the next novel. He’s got a few interesting twists to the standards as well.
  • Tameem’s Edge Diary: Fascinating diary recounting how a small software company decided to write a next-generation game long before anyone else. Lots of details about how games are made, published and distributed. It’s especially daunting when it’s a small company struggling to make ends meet…
  • Richard Feynman Lectures on Physics – An index with lots of info on Physics and Feynman, including a series of audio lecture files by Feynman. It’s funny, Feynman doesn’t sound brilliant, but he clearly is.

And that’s all for now…

3 thoughts on “Link Dump”

  1. Whew. You know, online poker is so HARD to find. Thank God for annoying spammers who are kind and gracious enough to leave us posts with actual links to sites where we can gamble online. I don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for them…

    Am I feeding the problem again? Sorry, I just can’t resist ( =

    I need to jump over to the forum…been super busy of late.

  2. Yes, well, those comments get removed, so it shouldn’t be too bad. You may be feeding the problem by responding, but now that I’ve removed the offending comments, it looks a bit like you’re crazy. I’d say that’s a fair trade.

  3. Hey, look, foucault’s CRAZY!

    Finally took a look at Tameem’s Edge Diary. Interesting stuff. Glad it came to a happy ending.

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