Flack jackets, helmets, rifles, a radio, a camera and art supplies

It’s that time again. Yet another exceptional Baghdad Journal installment from Steve Mumford. As always, his thoughtful article provides a useful perspective on what’s going on in Iraq. Some choice quotes:

Two American reporters for AP are going back to Baghdad the next day, leaving a Russian, a Frenchman, a Romanian and an Australian. Surprisingly to me, they’re generally impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the soldiers.

Sasha, who films for AP, had his lost satellite phone returned by some soldiers. The only call on it, to London, was to the number on the phone, to find out who it belonged to. “If Russian soldier picks up sat phone, it’s goodbye phone. Some Americans pick up sat phone, give to PAO!” he says wonderingly.

“Good mentality, good people.” says Jean-Claude.

Damn straight. At one point, he describes following a two-man sniper team around town (emphasis mine).

We cross through a dozen homes like this, avoiding the street so that people won’t be able to figure out where we’re going.

The sight of three men in flack jackets and helmets, with rifles, a radio, camera and art supplies, seems to elicit little surprise.

The reference to the camera and the art supplies made me laugh, and that it wouldn’t be that unusal for such a mix to occur also seemed appropriate (even if it wasn’t intentionally called out that way).

As always, the entire column is worth reading in its entirety. If you’re not familiar with Mumford’s Baghdad Journal, I highly recommend checking out all his past columns, which I collected here. Good stuff.

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  1. I know I’ve already mentioned it over in the forum, but I really like the Baghdad journal series. It’s a great ground view perspective of things over there that we don’t get from our media…and it frequently contradicts some notions we seem to have of Iraq, its people, and their attitudes toward us.

    And the pictures are really neat.

    So, thanks for introducing me to this coolness. =)

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