Gone Fishin

I won't be around much for the next week or so, for I have courageously volunteered to brave tropical storms, typhoid, cholera, dengie fever, tsetse fly disease, and those worms that drill into your leg and grow to a length of nine feet in order to investigate the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle (aka, the Devil's Triangle). There are lots of theories on the mysterious phenomenon, but I intend to find out what really goes on there (my favourite theory: Cthulhu "lies not dead, but dreaming in the under water city of of R'lye" which is probably somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle).

Anyway, while I'm gone, you can entertain yourselves by conversing with the "friendly" folk of the Kaedrin Forum, or even by contributing to one of the four ongoing Tandem Stories (a form of interactive storytelling in which each successive paragraph is written by a different author). If you like those stories, try this Choose Your Own Adventure story, which is also quite fun.