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Homo Gestalt

I finished Theodore Sturgeon’s More Than Human tonight, and I was extremely happy with it. It is a book about a group of social misfits who band together to suvive, only to discover that their combined existance composes a single organism, possibly the next step in human evolution (Homo Gestalt). Sturgeon displays a poetic lyricism rarely seen in science fiction and explores what it really is to be human. Expect a review at Kaedrin soon…

The Running Man Bible

For the uninitiated, The Running Man was a cheesy 80s Schwartzenegger action flick that is generally considered something of an abomination by film critics and even most fans. However, the author of this hilarious review of The Running Man thinks otherwise:

“Did we watch the same film? The unedited version? The one with all the swear words and the scene where the head of a fleeing prisoner explodes like a chinchilla in a convection oven?”

LOL! Go and read his madness. Now

Universal Myth

Joseph Campbell’s influential The Hero With a Thousand Faces defines the “Universal Myth,” a structure which underlies stories told all over the world since the beginning of recorded history. This page discusses how Campbell’s blueprint for “The Hero’s Journey” was used by George Lucas in making Star Wars (the page also discusses Campbell’s influence on The Matrix). This interesting article and other influences and origins of Star Wars mythology can be found on this Star Wars Origins site. Another interesting site for the futuristic myths produced by science fiction is The New Mythology; there’s lots of discussion and a ton of links (references include Star Wars, Dune, Asimov, Enders Game, and more!)