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Moar links from the depths of the internets, curated just for you!

  • Aningaaq – This is an interesting little short-film spinoff of Gravity, depicting one of the scenes from the movie from a completely different perspective. Directed by the son of Alfonso Cuaron (who was the co-writer of Gravity), there’s buzz that this might get nominated for a short film Oscar, and since Gravity is doing pretty well on that front, both may be nominated, which is interesting.
  • 4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again – In fairness, the original trilogy never stopped being great, but these are interesting points that I think we can all hope JJ Abrams takes to heart in making new Star Wars movies.
  • How money can buy happiness, wine edition – I’m not sure if this works as well as the author thinks it does, but it’s an interesting perspective, and some specifics are dead on:

    The more you spend on a wine, the more you like it. It really doesn’t matter what the wine is at all. But when you’re primed to taste a wine which you know a bit about, including the fact that you spent a significant amount of money on, then you’ll find things in that bottle which you love. You can call this Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome if you want, but I like to think that there’s something real going on. After all, what you see on the label, including what you see on the price tag, is important information which can tell you a lot about what you’re drinking. And the key to any kind of connoisseurship is informed appreciation of something beautiful.

    We human beings like to think we’re always acting rationally, but a lot of times, we’re just rationalizing a more instinctual reaction… and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • I Noticed This Tiny Thing On Google Maps. When I Zoomed In… Well, Nothing Could Prepare Me. – An interesting story discovered by futzing around on Google Maps and zooming in on what looks like an old plane crash in the middle of a desert.
  • Katniss Everdeen Kills Everything – Creative editing is creative.

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