Link Dump

Time is short, so just a few links to tide you over until Sunday:

  • Visual timeline of the One Ring – A thoughtfully composed diagram of the One Ring from LotR, illustrating how the ring passed from owner to owner as well as the location of the ring, over the course of almost 5000 years. Well played.
  • Yelping with Cormac – An old one, but any tumblr dedicated to parodying Cormac McCarthy by portraying his reviews on Yelp is worth a look. Sample awesome:

    The hacendado whistled through his teeth and shook his head. You Americans, he said. Always the judge. This hotel is very good. That country is very bad. But when it is time for you to be reviewed you are begging please no. Please I can pay money. I will review you now. The hacendado snapped his fingers and a vaquero entered carrying a branding iron in the shape of a star, the whitehot tip sputtering and sparking like some wroughtiron incubus.


  • Cudgel of Xanthor – Many moons ago, back in the days of GFW Radio, Jeff Green wrote a spoof video game preview on April fools. Apparently he cut too close to the bone, in that nearly no readers realized it was a joke and continually emailed 1Up, asking when Cudgel of Xanthor would actually hit shelves. A couple years ago, Green built upon the idea for his NaNoWriMo novel, writing a story set in Xanthor, but also set in a video game studio that was tasked with making Cudgel of Xanthor. As the game developers have to compromise and change the game to meet their budget and corporate goals, the setting of Xanthor changes, and the characters living in that setting have to fend for themselves. Green claims he’ll release the book at some point, and heck, I’d read that.
  • A Letter To “The Breakfast Club” Explaining Why They All Failed Their Assignment – By Principal Richard Vernon, Shermer High School…

    At one point during the essay, the handwriting changes four different times. Brian wrote, “We found out that each of us is a brain,” and then someone else wrote “an athlete,” another wrote “a princess,” another “a basket case…” Why did you guys do this? It’s weird.

    You’re not all of these things. Brian, you have no athletic ability. “Bender” certainly isn’t a brain. “Bender” isn’t an athlete either, because he backed down after I threatened him physically in the supply closet. Your essay doesn’t make sense.


That’s all for now…