Link Dump

I’m rather busy being thankful for things, so for now, just a few linkys to keep things interesting:

  • Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks – The tumblr of the week is a rather unnerving mixture of bland Microsoft dialog prompt language and Cronenberg-style body-horror (with the occasional Stephen King variant). Sample awesome:

    Hand Update Required

    Lots of funny stuff there, check it out. Hat tip: Badass Digest.

  • The scariest video you have ever watched in the name of science – If you’re not scared of heights… you will be. Yeesh.
  • The Genre Fiction v. Literature Debate – Yeah, that old saw. Alyssa Rosenberg identifies the core conceit behind the debate, one that is duplicitous but cleverly rigged in favor of “literature”. They’re playing a shell game of sorts. In truth, there are good books and bad books (genre or not).
  • Quirky “Wizard of Oz” synopsis is going to follow writer to the grave – You may have seen this bit of inspired capsule writing on the internets before:

    Wizard of Oz synopsis

    But what you haven’t likely seen is the story behind it and it’s author (incidentally, the author is not Lee Winfrey, as the pic above implies (see the original linked post for some context)). It’s nothing dramatic or anything, but I’m glad someone’s gone to the trouble of figuring it out and properly attributing it.

And that’s all for now. Have a happy Thanksgiving!