Link Dump

It’s actually been quite a while since the last link dump, so here’s a few things I’ve found interesting on the internets recently:

  • Science Fiction Movie Classics as Pulp Novels – Artist Tim Anderson has created a trio of fake book covers for classic science fiction movies, and he has absolutely nailed it. Each cover is evocative of both the movie and cheap pulp novels, something that would be easy to screw up, but it’s perfect here. Don’t you just wish there really were a series of Rick Deckard novels?
  • Front Page Films’ Batman Series – Some of the Batman parody videos are old and you’ve no doubt seen them, but they’ve been releasing new ones in the leadup to the new movie, and they’re all fantastic. In essence, they make Batman out to be a total moron who infuriates and confuses his opponents into losing. To my mind, though, nothing beats the Riddler video.
  • 40 MORE Of The Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings – A follow-up to that amazing article ridiculing Rob Liefeld’s comic book art from a few years ago, this one’s almost as good. As usual, Liefeld seems to have trouble drawing feet. Heh.
  • Lois interviews Miles – For all, uh, one of you that have read Bujold’s Vorkosigan books, here’s a dialogue between the author and her character (originally done in preparation for Cryoburn).
  • To be a face – I have absolutely no knowledge or interest in professional wrestling, but MGK actually manages to make it interesting in this quick post on the face/heel dichotomy.

That’s all for now. With luck, I may return on Friday for some Dark Knight Returns thoughts (if not Friday, then Sunday)…