Link Dump

Yet more interesting stuff from the depths of the internets:

  • Reset Your Password – Poor usability conquered through persistence. Unfortunately for those of us who work in the industry, none of our users will be so persistent. “Your password can not contain any references to jazz slang.” Heh.
  • Lord of the Rings Movie of 1940 – A pitch perfect parody of both 40s film noir and LotR. Long, but very well done.
  • Movie Simpsons – A tumblr consisting of comparative screenshots from movie references in The Simpsons. The current post is actually one of my favorite references of all time – the picture above the bed is such a bizarre detail from the original movie that I love how they parodied it in The Shinning.
  • FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages – So we all know The Oatmeal, right? Well he’s being sued because… well, quite frankly, I can’t really figure out how the person threatening the lawsuit thinks they deserve anything. Read the post for the full story, but the response is beautiful. Rather than pay the $20,000, he set up a charity link to raise $20,000 for donation to the National Wildlife Federation and American Cancer Society. So far, he’s raised $157,000. Oh, and the asshat that was threatening to sue him is now trying to get the charity post disabled while contemplating how to sue fans of The Oatmeal for calling him out on his asshattery. Putz.
  • Mark Malkoff’s Netflix Challenge – This guy wanted to get the best possible value out of his Netflix subscription… so he watched over 250 movies in a month. He even gets celebrities to show up and do live commentary for their movies (which does bring up one issue with the current streaming situation – no special features!)

That’s all for now!