Old Podcast Episodes

I sometimes discover a podcast long after it’s started, and if I like it enough, I’ll head back through the archives to check out some older episodes. In honor of some of the gems I’ve found by doing so, here are a few really good episodes that are probably worth listening to:

  • GFW Radio – 6/26/08 (.mp3) – The now long-defunct GFW Radio podcast, AKA The Brodeo, was a pretty great podcast, but this particular episode breaks from their normally free-flowing format to present a very well produced episode chronicling a stunt they pulled outside a Gamestop. They basically posed as a marketing research firm and pitched crazy game ideas to random passers-by. If you’re into video games, you will love how well they lampoon the various conventions of video game marketing. The episode almost feels like a dry run for Robert Ashley’s A Life Well Wasted podcast (Ashley was a member of GFW Radio at the time and later went on to do his own podcast). It’s really hysterically funny too. I could not stop laughing around the time they started pitching the Founding Fighters video game (a Street Fighter-like game featuring moves like Alexander Hamilton’s Knickerbocker Shocker and the Philadelphia Filibuster).
  • /Filmcast: After Dark – Ep. 79 – An Evening with Jason Reitman – Most interviews with actors or directos feature pretty much the same canned questions and since these folks are participating in dozens of intervews a day, they pretty much have the same answers too. So when Jason Reitman logs on to the /Filmcast, things just derail almost immediately, as he becomes enamored with the live chatroom and answers all the random questions people are asking (like: What’s your favorite Dinosaur? and other similarly enlightening questions). Really fun stuff, and a refreshingly non-typical interview.
  • A Conversation on Blogging Ethics and Online Film Journalism – So this isn’t really a regular podcast, more of a one time conversation featuring David Chen (of the /Filmcast), C. Robert Cargill (from Ain’t It Cool News), Devin Faraci (from CHUD, but now at Badass Digest), and Peter Sciretta (from /Film) as they discuss various ethical issues surrounding the reviewing of movies and how studios try to “buy” good reviews, ban publications from screenings, and the like. Really interesting stuff, and well worth a listen for anyone interested in the industry.

And that’s all for now…