Link Dump

As per usual, interesting links from the depths of teh internets:

  • AT&T Phone Conversation by an Awesome Person: Another tale of heroic defense against telemarketing.
  • The Economics of Death Star Planet Destruction: Not a particularly new way to look at the Death Star, but an interesting discussion nonetheless:

    The more you spend on bureaucracy, the less control you have directly over your Empire. The less you spend on bureaucracy, the more you have to tighten your grip, and the more star systems slip through your fingers.

    So, the Emperor and Tarkin focus on making one really huge, high-impact investment: The Death Star. They throw in Alderaan as part of that investment. This doomsday weapon will supposedly free up their resources to spend less on administration, personnel and infrastructure, and continue to function without a Senate. It seems like a big investment until you realize how much they save by not actually having a functioning government.


  • The Most Honest Children’s Book Ever Written: It’s called “Go the Fuck to Sleep”. Pre-order now!
  • Inglourious Ponies: There’s apparently a whole series of these, but it’s amazing how well it fits.
  • Pizza Hut Order: Pay particular attention to the special instructions. I laughed at this for much longer than I care to admit, and am laughing about it now, just thinking about it.