Link Dump

I’m wiped out from playing football in 2 feet of snow this morning (going to be sore all week), eating all day, and gambling on trivial things during the Superbowl (I correctly chose the under in the “mentions Hurricane Katrina” but that got offset by taking the over on “number of times Archie Manning appears onscreen” and I ended up losing by 1 point in the overall contest). So here are a few things I’ve seen recently. Enjoy.

  • How To Report The News: Newswipe’s absolutely brilliant takedown of the conventions of the television news story. It’s only got 1 million views! But it fits with some of the other links in this post, so there.
  • This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post: Not quite as spot-on as the previous link and it’s about blogging so the audience is more limited, but it’s still pretty clever.
  • The One and Only Right Review: Shawn Elliott’s sarcastic video game review is pretty funny. On a slightly related topic, I’ve recently discovered the GFW video game podcast archive, which is something of a treasure trove. In it’s heyday, it was an amazingly fun podcast. In fact, it probably deserves it’s own bullet point:
  • GFW Radio Compilation: This is a pretty good place to start, and it’s 4 hours of good stuff. Going through the archives at 1up is a bit difficult (note that most of the best talent had left by the end, so the ones that show up when you subscribe in itunes or the like are mostly not the best episodes), but once you get back to 2007 and early 2008, it’s pretty great (not that I’ve listened to all of those, but still). While ostensibly a video game podcast (for PC gaming, no less), that only really represents a fraction of some episodes. They joke around about tons of topics and other geeky culture. It’s very great stuff. Geekbox is ok but not quite as great as GFW, and Out of the Game is also pretty good, but they don’t seem to post those very often (last episode was in early December).

Well, that’s all for now. Top 10 movies of 2009 will probably be posted next week, if I can manage it…