2009 Kaedrin Movie Awards: Best High Concept Film and 2009’s 2008 Movie of the Year

The nominations for the 2009 Kaedrin Movie Awards were announced last week. This week, I’ll be announcing two winners every day, culminating in a post with my top 10 movies of the year and possibly some other wrap-up posts.

Best High Concept Film: Stingray Sam

An obscure pick, to be sure, but I had a lot of fun with this eclectic Musical/Comedy/Sci-Fi/Western film. In an homage to old SF serials, the movie is actually constructed as a series of six ten minute shorts, each with their own opening and closing credits as well as faux sponsors. The storylines are beyond absurd, and the music is actually pretty entertaining (this from a guy who doesn’t normally like musicals). The official website actually has the first 20 minutes or so available to watch online (the second episode has the most awesome song in the whole movie too). It’s a pretty weird movie, but I had fun with it. Other nominees were pretty good as well, but nothing approached the sheer strangeness of this movie.

2009’s 2008 Movie of the Year: Tell No One

There are always movies that I wanted to see but which I couldn’t see until later in the year, so this category is for a discovery made the year after a film was released. Tell No One is a French thriller, and it’s actually quite good. It most certainly would have made my top 10 of last year, and if I wasn’t lazy, I probably would have updated the top 10. But now it’s here, along with several other quality nominees. Still, this was an excellent film.

And that about wraps up the formal categories. Stay tuned for more Arbitrary Awards on Sunday. I’m not sure when I’ll actually get to the top 10, but it should be within a week or two…