2008 Kaedrin Movie Awards: The Arbitrary Awards

So the formally announced 2008 Kaedrin Movie Awards came to an end on Friday, but here’s a few additional awards that don’t really have any other nominees:

  • Best Monsters: (nominees must be a class of monster, not an individual) Cloverfield. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the movie overall, but they did try something interesting with the whole creature-feature sub-genre, and the monster in this film was pretty darn cool…
  • The “You know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else” Award for Worst Dialogue: The Happening. “You’re not interested in what happened to the bees?” No, no I’m not. Heh. Part bad dialogue, part bad delivery, this was hands down the worst movie of the year.
  • The Proximity to Jason Vorhees Award for Heroic Stupidity*: The cops in Inside. I think the worst part about it was that these very same cops showed some actual intelligence to start with (they figured out what was going on with very little help)… but once they got in the house, they became total morons.
  • The Tyler Durden Multiple Personality Award: The Signal. The movie has three directors, each of whom took a third of the movie and did something rather different with each part. Particularly great was the hilarious second segment… even though it is miles away from the rest of the movie when it comes to tone or atmosphere.
  • The Blatant Disregard to Physics Award: Wanted. If a gun is moving when you shoot it, the bullet curves!

All in all, a pretty even year. Even including the arbitrary awards, no film rose above 2 wins (Dark Knight and Forgetting Sarah Marshall both took home 2 awards). So that about wraps it up. The only thing that remains is the top 10 list, which I’m still not happy with and am not yet ready to post. And I’ve got a busy week coming up, so it may be a little while before they get posted… but they will be posted!

* Thanks to Yahtzee for the (approximate) award name!