Link to Someone New: Philly Film Fest Edition

You know the drill. Blog reading often becomes a closed loop where you find yourself constantly reading and linking to the same group of blogs. I’m as guilty as anyone (plus, I have a tendency to not link other blogs at all), so in an effort to combat the blogging equivalent of inbreeding, here are links to several blogs I’ve never linked before, all of whom have also been blogging about the Philadelphia Film Festival (for reference, see my posts):

  • Melissahead saw a bunch of movies that I didn’t see (and one that I did).
  • Futuregirl had a little more overlap with my schedule, but also some that I didn’t see, including Film Noir, a rotoscoped animation film, which was something I wanted to see but couldn’t find the time for…
  • Philly Chit Chat attended several of the events and big screenings with guests… and took lots of pictures too!
  • David Dylan Thomas saw lots and lots of films and has a significant overlap with my schedule… plus a whole lot more (including some that I wish I found time for, like Vexille) We seem to have similar tastes, with the potential exception of The Wackness….

That’s all for now. If you have a blog where you’ve been writing about the PFF, feel free to let me know…