Link Dump

Time is short, so just a few interesting links that I’ve run accross recently:

  • Wikihistory: So what would happen if time travel was invented a hundred years from now? Why, time travelers would start an internet forum… among other predictable things. Hilarious.
  • True Measure of Code Quality: Heh.
  • Agent to the Stars: John Scalzi’s first novel was originally published online, and it’s still there. I actually haven’t read it yet, but I think this might be the only Scalzi SF book that I haven’t read (and I’ve enjoyed all the others…)
  • I Love You, but You Love Meat: I was bored by this article until I saw this line:

    She and her daughter have “meat parties” when Mr. Benson goes out of town, she said.


  • The Sports Guy Glossary: I’m not a huge sports fan, but I have come to love Bill Simmons. Even when he’s writing about a sport I absolutely hate (i.e. Basketball, unless it’s Villanova basketball, in which case: Go ‘Nova!), I’ll read it. There are some times when it’s all sports, but most of the time he’s making so many pop-culture references that it’s entertaining. This page has lots of his classics, including sporty stuff like the Ewing Theory (to be renamed the Tiki Barber Theory) and stuff almost completely unrelated to sports, like the Guidelines for Underrated Movies.
  • CES 2008 panel on SF influence on technology: The panel features Neal Stephenson, Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway and other neat stuff), Lucy Lawless (she’s a Cylon!), and Walt Mossberg (journalist). Interesting stuff…

That’s all for now…