Link to Someone New

It’s that time again. I had planned to do a big review of an Anime movie I saw, but time is short, so I figured it’s time to send some traffic (all 7 readers) towards some new corners of the internets (at least, they were new for me!). Enjoy.

  • Final Girl likes to watch slasher movies from the ’70s and ’80s. She recently made the acquaintance of Kelly Hu, star of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (a better role than Deathstrike in X2? Sure!) Also, she’s got some updates on Neil Marshall’s new flick, Doomsday (Marshall helmed Kaedrin favorite The Descent). I probably discovered this blog during the 4 Weeks of Halloween, after I’d watched some obscure horror film and looked up some reviews… and of course, she had reviewed said obscure horror film because she’s awesome like that.
  • How To Spot A Psychopath has a neat post detailing the The Six Ugliest Space Lego Sets. While you’re there, stop by Dan’s Data if you’ve got an interest in computers and gadgets.
  • SciencePunk has an interesting post about Zombies and the science of siege warfare. This post reminded me of something that always bothered me about the movie 28 Days Later… (a film I like a lot, despite what follows here). In that film, the “Rage Virus” is frighteningly fast-acting. An infected human succumbs to the virus within only 30 seconds. This is all well and good, and horrific, but it seems pretty counter to basic epidemiology. I’m not a doctor or scientist, but it seems to me that the reason diseases spread is that there is a long incubation period, wherein the host has a chance to spread the disease. This period is effectively nil for the Rage virus, so I’d think that the disease would be relatively easy to contain. At the very least, I don’t see how it could leave England (I guess there’s a chance, given the Chunnel and France’s historically weak defenses against invaders). Of course, this detail was explained in the sequel, 28 Weeks Later, which posits the existence of carriers who are not affected (much) by the virus and actually depicts the transfer of the virus off the island. Wait, what am I saying, who watches Zombie movies and seriously considers things epidemiology or even plot holes?

That’s all for now. I’m travelling this weekend, so Sunday’s entry may be a bit sparse (unless I find some time tomorrow to write something up).