2006 Kaedrin Movie Awards: Beating the Dead Horse

So the formally announced 2006 Kaedrin Movie Awards came to an end yesterday (Casino Royale appears to be the big winner, with a total of 3 awards), but I’m going to wring this particular subject for everything I can get, so here’s a few additional awards in the style of Alex’s Arbitrary Awards.

  • Most Genres in a Single Film: The World’s Fastest Indian – Four movies for the price of one. You’ve got the initial buddy comedy which morphs into a fish out of water story, then goes on a road trip, culminating in an inspirational sports drama. I really enjoyed this movie, and it would probably also qualify for an “Overlooked” award, if I had one.
  • Best Non-Western Western: The Proposition – I think this movie features the best opening sequence all year. It starts with a chaotic gunfight that immediately disorients the viewer, and consistently thwarts expecations throughout. Ultimately, this doesn’t work as well as it sounds, but it’s still a good movie and it features some of the most gorgeous photography all year (that is strangely able to evoke beauty while stressing an untamed desolation that’s not really that pretty).
  • The About Face Award: The Matador – Pierce Brosnan plays against character as a burnt-out hitman who befriends everyman/businessman Greg Kinnear. It’s a surprisingly effective film that doesn’t fall into the traps you’d think it would. A bold move by Brosnan.
  • Best High Concept Film: Snakes on a Plane – Duh.
  • Best Magic Tricks: The Prestige – I think I might have actually enjoyed The Illusionist more, but The Prestige had the more memorable tricks.

And that about does it. The only thing that remains is the top 10 list (coming on Sunday).