Ambitious Fanfic?

35 years ago yesterday, the first episode of Star Trek debuted on NBC…and here we are three-and-a-half decades later with nine movies, five hundred odd hours of TV episodes and another new movie and TV series forthcoming. Enter Star Trek: Renaissance, the first virtual Star Trek series. The creators of Renaissance intend to produce professionally formatted and written teleplays for a Star Trek “virtual” TV series, complete with new characters and a new Enterprise set 25 years after the adventures of Captain Picard. And, incredibly, they want to produce a full season worth of episodes. They plan to “air” a new episode each week, not counting “re-run” weeks when they’re on hiatus. And they want it to kick ass. But is all that time and effort invested into creating Renaissance worth it? To be perfectly honest, I’m not so sure. I’ve only really liked the “Next Generation” and maybe some of the movies, but after taking a look at the first “episode” of Renaissance, I think it could be interesting… [via coming attractions]