American Writing Today

A Diagnosis of the Disease by William T. Vollmann : An interesting article about the woes of humanity, and how best to set things right (through art). A bit remeniscent of Orwell’s Politics and the English Language, Vollman puts forth some good rules on how to write with a sense of purpose. He also touches on people’s tendency to treat the symptoms instead of the actual causes. As a country we have become reactionary to specific events, but not wide trends, blaming miniscule influences for major catastrophies. Does anyone really think something like Columbine happens solely because of the music two kids listened to? Its something I’ve been noticing a lot lately, and it really suprises me how pervasive the idea is. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to pick up one of Vollman’s books, but its pretty low down in the book queue and my spare time is dwindling, so it probably won’t happen anytime soon. I hear he’s a… strange… fellow.